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Znamak - a wonderworker from the wild areas of the planet. Doesn't necessarily follow the Old Ways or gets along with the Old Gods, but the Inquisition still condemns their experiments.


Tattoo Effect
Tattoo of War Instantly grants +1 to combat skills (melee, ranged and throwing) of the character.
Tattoo of Fortress Character's armor will be 50% better.
Tattoo of Thief Grants the character +3 to steal, +2 to hide, and +1 to Dexterity.
Tattoo of Lecher Amusements with this character will raise the partner's WP.
Tattoo of Willpower Instantly grants the character 10 WP.
Tattoo of God's Favorite Gods will be twice as pleased to receive the character's riches.
Tattoo of Sacrifice Gods will be twice as pleased to receive the character as a sacrifice.
Tattoo of Kamnepad Protects the character from cave collapses.
Tattoo of Vulnerability Leaves the character defenseless in battle. Bestow this tattoo upon the friends you would rather not want to see again.
Tattoo of Immunity Grants immunity from diseases. It won't help the characters that are already sick.
Tattoo of North Symbolizes the character's love for the Motherland. Grants them the ability to locate themself on the map.


Artifact Effect
Oom-Head Mummified head of an enemy or a friend. Wear it on your belt to use their skills.
Hunter's Fingers Throw them into a fire to provoke an ambush.
Ligur Place this creature into your ear to improve your intelligence.
Besnik Allows you to replenish your lust.
Rat Root Whoever holds it in their hand receives +7 to Dodge.
Tooth Necklace Protects you from fear.
Moon Amulet Allows you to see in the dark.
Flaming Potato Instantly warms you up, saving from hypothermia.
Bone Knife A ritual weapon. Grants you an additional bonus from the favored God.