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Wurmigstein.png Wurmigstein Prison - pearl of the North, an exemplary correctional facility that keeps the coldest of criminals warm.


  • Visits to the Prison are considered normal unless lockdown is declared.
  • Meister and Merchant are able to call the prison train using their consoles.
  • Judge should register the Ravenheart criminals in Wurmigstein. To do so, they need to bring in a verdict on the Judicial Throne and deliver the criminal to the Prison, where they will receive prisoner's clothes, a bunk and a nickname.
  • Relatives and friends of the prisoner usually remember his or her Prison number. In order to send a parcel or letter to them, make sure to enter that number in the recipient field (for example: $AB6648A)
  • Heating on the territory of the Fortress and nearby facilities depends on the Wurmigstein's boiler room.


Another day

  • The order of the day is subject to automatic doors, and strict supervision of the routine is monitored by the Wardens.
  • Prisoners are allowed to leave their workplace to visit the shower room, toilets and to rest for a little while in their cells if they have worked well.
  • The only way to end the Prison round is to serve your sentence, as it should be.


  • Commandant, Doktor and Warden have tablets with a file on prisoners with differing functionality.


  • Godfather. He manages the Prison, struggling with the discontent of prisoners and the lawlessness of guards.
  • He can declare a Lockdown, restricting prisoners' movements and allowing warders the access to military weapons.
  • He can grant up to 4 prisoners an early release this year.


She visits the Ravenheart Fortress to buy supplies and hire assistants. It is highly desirable to purchase a phone to communicate with your boss.


  • They care about the prisoners, do not let them fight each other and help them with work.
  • They can encourage prisoners with a positive note on their files. Promoted prisoner receives more money for their work and is allowed to visit privileged places - such as the Gym and Phones Room.

Prohibited to prisoners

  • Screaming.
  • Running.
  • Fighting.
  • Storing and using psychoactive substances.
  • Having intimate relationships with each other.
  • Approaching the guards.
  • Taking out dangerous items (kitchen knife, chisel, pick) from their workplaces.
  • Escaping the Prison.
  • Trying to escape the Prison.
  • Rioting.
  • Criticizing the Administration.
  • Murdering the Administration.

Violators will suffer such punishments:

  • Reprimand.
  • Negative note on the file.
  • Imprisonment in shameful cells.
  • Electric chair.


  • The mighty and experienced healer, he extracts the shivs from the most unexpected places.
  • Bury the dead in the morgue.
  • Do not forget to overwhelm the Secretary with orders. If you're lucky, she will bring you not only medicines, but also an assistant.

Former Prisoner

  • He has already served his sentence, but he had nowhere to go, nothing to do in the wild. He voluntarily remained to help the Commandant and prisoners and take care of his new home.
  • He sells soaps that are bought by prisoners for obols using the hole in the wall. Without you, poor sods will not be able to obtain contraband from Pusher and pay bribes to the guards.


  • Every prisoner gets a Nickname. It is chosen randomly, just like your class. Only the Former Prisoner gets to choose his own.
  • Prisoners choose to belong to one of the gangs: Northerners, Salarians, Rahalians, Ginkese and Faggots. Newly arrived prisoners can only be recruited to a gang if they have the same skin color as the leader of the gang.
  • Prisoners that lose their honor also lose CHR and acquire a female name. But if two men kiss each other beforehand, the game does not consider their copulation for faggotry (other prisoners will not agree with this)
  • As a Leader of the Gang, you are responsible for your people to Godfather. If one of them commits a murder, it will come back to you.
  • If you have a serious quarrel with another prisoner, mark them as the Enemy using a special verb, and receive a reward for their death. There can be only one enemy in a round.
  • In order to avoid any accidents, use dangerous machinery in Combat Mode.