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Character Creation

  • Choose appearance, name, skin color.
  • Special options that have their own accents:
Salarians. Choose a Forelock for your hairstyle
Rahalians. Choose dark skin.
Ginks. Choose one of those surnames: Yang, Chi, Chang, Zhao, Huang, Tong, Liao, Qin, Qing, Ming, Wei, Jin, Xia, Yuan, Tang, Sui
  • Choose a vice and a zodiac sign.
  • Be Antagonist: determines whether you will become a villain. Options: YES!, Yes and No. The first option will give you a high priority, but it will not be saved between the rounds.
  • Faith: Heresy: in the Fortress you will become one of the Thanati cultists, and if you play Migrant, you will be a follower of the Old Ways. This option is not saved between the rounds to prevent the players who are not interested in playing Thanati at the moment from entering the Cult.
  • Save the character! Each player can have up to 10 saved characters.


Requires you to indulge them constantly, in case of ignoring them, they will give you mood and stat penalties. Self-flaggelation replaces satisfaction. Consuming your favorite alcoholic drink will get rid of the penalties for a short time.

  • Chain Smoker. Buy smokes or fill your pipe with Barhovik powder.
  • Photographer. You want to take pictures of people.
  • Random. 50% chance of not having a vice at all.
  • Sexoholic. You regularly want to amuse yourself.
  • At first sight. The one you look first at will become the object of your passion. You will have to look at them regularly.
  • Dependency. Dependence on a specific medicine.
  • Necrophilia. Love towards the dead.
  • Graphomaniac. Gotta write stuff in your diary. All the diaries are published at the end of the round.
  • Playfulness. Child-only vice, replaces the Dependency automatically for children. Need to squeeze teddy bears and other toys.
  • Alcoholic. You have to get drunk regularly. If the depression isn't going away - drink more.
  • Sweet tooth. Need for sweets.
  • Lonely. You have to get kissed by opposite sex.
  • Masochism. You need to get beatings from the opposite sex.
  • Neat. You have an urge to clean EVERYTHING!
  • Kleptomaniac. You want to snatch stuff from people's pockets.
  • Devotee. You respect your faith. Christians (Fortress): Pray in the Church, then make a donation or receive absolution from the Bishop. Christians (caves): pray at the cross. Old Believers: Pray at the idol. Consytes: Resurrect a person. Thanati: Praise the Lord on the Sigil.


Always active, you don't need to indulge them.

  • Low Pain Threshold. Doubles the pain from any injury.
  • Sensitivity. You'll loose your consciousness after seeing cruelty.
  • Whiner. You get sad more from any troubles.
  • Cripple. Choice: No tongue, No eye, No leg. One-legged characters begin the game with a simple Prosthetic.
  • Partially Deaf. You have trouble hearing.
  • Bad sight. Your sight radius is lowered.
  • Code of Honor. You won't be able to hit women, slaughter unarmed people, and so on. In addition to mechanical limitations, of course, you should also monitor your own behavior.
  • Fear of Death. If your character dies, this role will not be available to you until the next weekend.


  • Click "Make Special" in the character creation menu. You may get a flaw, an advantage or a special task.


  • IN - Intelligence
  • ST - Strength
  • WP - Will Power
  • DX - Dexterity
  • PR - Perception
  • HT - Health
  • IM - Immunity

Zodiac Signs

  • Denote the nature of your character. Select the description closest to your character to give other players an idea of it.
  • Detailed descriptions are available in the game help (F12).
  • If you are not too deeply interested in a role-playing game, select priorities that match your personality.
Symbol Sign Priorities
Vulpes Contest, Risk, Selfishness
Rocca Safety, Consistency, Equanimity
Numis Curiosity, Wit, Changeability
Apis Family, Protection, Care
Cygnus Pride, Generosity, Artistry
Gryllus Labor, Help, Criticism
Noctua Diplomacy, Sophistication, Caution
Aranea Manipulation, Lust, Stealth
Centaurus Fun, Adventure, Honesty
Sisyphus Discipline, Power, Perseverance
Fulgurri Progress, Originality, Independence
Phantom Kindness, Escapism, Dependence

Bygone Experience

Almost every half an hour your character will crave to reflect on the bygone experience and the corresponding button will appear in one of the in-game tabs.

  • Reflecting will provide you with one of the random perks.
  • You will receive +1 WP.
  • In Great Migration mode it will also fetch you the victory points.


Some of the perks are random, the others can be a part of your job or are acquired as a result of tragic events.

Perk Origin Effect Can be taught to others
"Teaching is for me." Teachers Increases your chance of success with both teaching and learning. -
"I'm a legendary hauler." Dockers, Smugglers, Logistics Officer Pulling heavy boxes will not slow you down. -
"I know the value of things." Merchant, Thief, Experience You will be able to estimate the item's price at a glance. Yes
"I'm good at navigation." Pathfinders Allows you to find yourself on the mini-map. Allows you to guess the direction to any person in the region. Yes
"I know bees." Pcheloveds, Soilers Allows you to restore burned hives with wax and make bees out of honey in them. Allows you to create buzzing grenades. Yes
"I'm proudly illiterate." Smerds You can not write and comprehend written language. No, but you can be taught to read and write!
"I have a strong back." Graverobber, Morticians, Experience Increases the maximum weight that you can carry. -
"I love to disarm." Experience +10 to the chance of knocking the weapons out of the target's hands. -
"I'm slippery." Experience, Jester, Successor, Random +6 to the chance of resisting out of grabs. -
"I need to talk." Random You are more depressed by the lack of talking and every conversation is a gift for you. -
"I recover fast." Experience You quickly recover from stun and loss of consciousness. -
"I'm such a jumper." Experience. Increases the jump radius to 5 and greatly reduces the stamina cost for jumping. -
"I know stones." Hump, Stone Carver Allows you to create advanced statues. Yes
"They notice my questions." Inquisitor Allows you to interrogate. Yes
"I know gems." Gem Cutter Speeds up the cutting of gems. Yes
"I quickly learn through practice." Random Speeds up the training through practice, including training with weapons. -
"I like art." Random Music greatly improves your mood, gives WP on contact with examined paintings. -
"I am obsessed with sex." Random Amusements with each person gives +1 WP (for the first time or if you do not have WP). -
"I know how to travel the caves fast." Courier, Experience, Random Speeds up your movement on the dirt. -
"Feelings don't matter." Experience, Random Depression is unknown to you. -
"Traps only catch retards." Experience, Random Mechanical traps and pits with stakes are no longer dangerous. But mines will still get you. -
"I am silent." Thief,Experience, Random You will not make a sound when walking in combat mode. -
"I know about ancient technologies." Meister, Hump, Soulbreakers, TNC Crew, Incarn Allows repairing energy weapons and samples of ancient technologies in the Fortress. -


  • Reward points that remain between rounds. They have a minimal impact on gameplay, but they are nice to get and painful to lose.
  • The effects of negative CHR: the role of the Censor is not available, low priority in the distribution of roles.
  • Positive CHR effects: +1 WP for every 10 CHR.

Easy ways to get:

  • Help the Fortress succeed in fighting the siege, fulfilling the royal decree or kiss the Inspector's ass.
  • Use the amusers (+1 CHR per round).

How can you spend:

  • Hide Role. Before the start of the round, you can hide your role. In addition, it prepares you for adventure: the readiness to start will be canceled if a special mode appears, allowing Obkrisens or a member of the Station crew to enter.
  • Burn Chromosomes. Resets the CHR for all players.