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Solar Panels

  • Get a cart with spare solar panels.
  • Put a space suit on and get out of the station.
  • Make your way to the northern solar panels.
  • Use a screwdriver to screw and unscrew the panels.
  • Examine panel slots to identify which one of them is malfunctioning.
  • Fix the broken slots with a wrench.

Modcon Unit

  • Press RMB to extend the protective hull.
  • Press LMB to get a report on a specific compartment.
  • This way, you can identify which ports are malfunctioning. Fix them with a screwdriver.
  • Swipe your Technical Department card on the MCU to gain access to the atmospheric equipment.
  • Use REFILL mode to pump oxygen in.
  • Use FILTER to eliminate smoke and harmful substances.
  • Use SIPHON to pump oxygen out.

Shield Generators

  • Unscrew the safety cover with a screwdriver.
  • Press LMB to move the cover out of the way.
  • Press LMB to turn it on or off.
  • Use wires to fix the broken generator.
  • Press RMB to put the cover back on.


  • You will need a space suit since Respiratory Masks will only save you from hypoxia and will not protect you from the vacuum.
  • If you cannot get one, painkillers may help you last for a few more seconds.
  • You can open the Emergency Doors either with a crowbar or Technical ID card.
  • Use improvised hatches. Before going into a depressurized compartment, pump out the oxygen from the one you are currently in. After that, you can safely walk out without being afraid of sudden air gusts.
  • If you don't have enough access to pump out the oxygen, grab a handhold before opening the airlock.
  • You will need a FixBoy on your arm and a foam container to fix the dents. You can put the container on your back or simply hold it in your hand.
  • Press RMB in order to release the foam and shut the hole.
  • Refill the compartment with oxygen.

Fixing consoles

  • Call an Engineer.
  • The Engineer must smash the console with something heavy.
  • If the console display breaks, replace the glass. You will need a glass shard (can be obtained by breaking a glass table or a window) and a FixBoy.