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You are the senior researcher at the Orbital Station 13. You manage the Cybertechnician and, if necessary, the Geneticist.


  • Basic technologies (such as Batteries, Solar Panels) can be found on the Core Diskette close to the Replicator console. Install them.
  • Your scientific databases are blocked by the anti-virus system as a result of sabotage. The Cybertechnician will have to hack into the Station's own systems and restore the lost technologies.

Cooperation with Cybertechnician

  • Seat the Cybertechnician on the cyberspace deck, put the helmet on them. Make sure that they feel comfortable enough.
  • Insert an empty diskette into the Administrator's Console.
  • Select the tech level. The higher the level, the more secure the database section.
  • Select the technology for extraction.
  • The Cybertechnician will be sent to the cyberspace realm. In the meantime, you can drink some coffee.
  • If successful, the technology will be written to the diskette. Take it to the Replicator and install it.
  • In the event of a failure: The Cybertechnician's brain will be damaged. After a few failures, you will have to send them for treatment or replace them with a new one.

Replacing Cybertechnician

  • Ask the Geneticist for a new clone, or find another volunteer.
  • The Psionic will transfer to the volunteer the knowledge that he previously adopted from the original Cybertechnician.
  • Have the Medical Officer implant a spare Schribmann Port on a volunteer.
  • You can send several volunteers to open Databases at the same time, this will greatly speed up the process.


  • DANGER: RADIATION. Wear a protective suit before working with the Replicator. There should be no strangers in the laboratory.
  • Place the zrbite, elerium or steel in the center of the replicator. If there is no ore, you can use: scrap instead of steel, shards of broken panels instead of zrbite. Basic batteries contain elerium.
  • DANGER: Recycling large batches of Elerium may lead to a breakdown of the Replicator.
  • Click Reclaim Materials to recharge the Replicator.
  • Click Produce to produce the equipment according to one of the available technologies.
  • If an energy weapon is produced, it is necessary to take it to Arsenal and install a military chip.

Available from the start

ICE-Pick MK2 Speeds up the recharge rate of the ICE-Pick by 10x.
Distress Beacon Radio beacon. Saves lives of those lost in Space. Outer Comms (3)
Gravcutter Allows the production of Gravcutters. Heavy Gravpulser (4)
Space Suit Allows the production of Space Suits with a more durable glass helmet. Space Suit Mk II (2)
Scan Mk.I Allows to scan the cyberspace. Available on a diskette.
Battery Power cell. Energy Cell (1)
Artificial Organ Natural organ replacement. Artificial Eyeball (2)
Solar Panel Allows the production of Solar Panels. Improved Solar Panel (2)
Intensecure Light Armor Basic armor set. Helmet, gloves, greaves, vest. Assault Vest (1)
Portative Healthanalyzer Portative health analyzer.
Water Chip Restores the water supply on the station.
Stunner Electroshock weapon. Stun Rifle (2)
Turbo Atmospherics Makes possible the turbo-ventilation mode for speeding up the engineers' duties.
Laser Gun Standard lethal weapon. Energy Gun (2)
Stun Mine A one-time stunning mine. Frag Grenade (3)
Advanced FixBoy Grants engineers remote access to atmospherics machinery. RemCom Device (2)
ICE-Safety Protects Cybertechnician from brain damage and reduces fatigue.
Hand Tele Personal teleportation device. Allows you to instantly move to the specified location.
Advanced Schriebmann's Port Replacement of the standard Cybertechnician's implant. Speeds up their movement in cyberspace and allows them to pass through the Ice. PsiBoost Implant (3), Scan Mk.II (1)
Satellite Coordinates Reveals the coordinates of the Observation satellite that you have been repairing until the end of the previous shift. The android is looking after it.
Advanced Cyberdeck Expands the bandwidth of Cybertechnician, making use of more nerve connections. Requires amputation of limbs. Allows Technician to further hack the technologies without the presence of Scientific Overseer and remotely use the station's electronics.
Flamethrower Optimal protection from traitors.


Anti-Personnel Mine Use them to prevent all possible ways of the boarding enemy movement on the Ship.
Scan Mk.II Speeds up the recharge rate of the Scan software by 10x.
Energy Cell Heavy energy cell. Use LMB on it with an energy weapon to instantly recharge it.
M41A Rifle Ammo Ammunition for the pulse rifle.
Machine Gun Ammo Machine Gun ammunition.
M41A Rifle Pulse rifle, a powerful quick-fire weapon. Requires the unlock of ammunition. M41A Rifle Ammo (1), Machine Gun (2)
Machine Gun The machine gun. Requires the unlock of ammunition. Machine Gun Ammo (1)
Space Suit Mk2 Features durable glass, a flashlight on the helmet and magnetic boots. Heavy Armor (4) - требует Assault Vest
Frag Grenade Combat fragmentation grenade. Anti-Personnel Mine (2)
Artificial Eyeball Visual prosthesis, restores functional vision.
Stun Rifle Automatic stun rifle. M41A Rifle (2)
Energy Gun Consumes less energy than the Laser Gun with the same power. Features stun mode. Energy Sword (4)
RemCom Device Grants captain the remote access to the Bridge. Captain's Keycard (3)
Improved Solar Panel This panel outputs twice the amount of energy than the basic one.
Assault Vest Incredibly durable assault vest. Protects arms and torso. Heavy Armor (4) - requires Space Suit Mk2
Captain's Keycard Spare keycard with Captain's access.
PsiBoost Implant Grants Psionic access to 3 abilities after implantation. PsiBoost Implant+ (4)
Mag-Pulse Gun It is extremely dangerous to use it aboard the Station: this weapon sprays not only the enemies, but also the walls.
Outer Comms Unlocks Outer Communications. Perhaps, we could call for help?
PsiBoost Implant+ Grants Psionic access to 9 abilities after implantation.
Heavy Gravpulser A powerful weapon that ignores armor. The battery lasts for 5 shots. Mag-Pulse Gun (3)
Heavy Armor TNC Combat Suit.