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Almost no moderation

Be cool, not an asshole.

There are no rules, clarifications, exceptions and no team of overseers. Of course, this does not mean full permissiveness.

  • The player makes decisions based on the character's point of view and the intensity of the events. A look at the set of rules, not expressed in the game itself mechanically, turns the role-playing game into a farce.
  • The moderator's requirement to explain character's actions in the middle of a round destroys the atmosphere and the course of the narrative.
  • Lifeweb is created for intelligent escapists who value cooperative immersion into a gloomy world and maintain faith in it through a role-playing game. Such, as shown by practice, the majority.
  • Accidental guests who do not share this interest, in any case, will not get accustomed to - they are easily spotted and blocking them does not require a set of rules.
  • The return of random guests is difficult due to the invite-only system in place.


  • If a player, in your opinion, is completely wild, losing respect for the game and other players, collect compromising evidence and place it into the Discord. But it's better to discuss the incident first with the guilty one.

Automatic tyranny

The game is smart, and is able to repress unwanted players. The reasons for blocking can be as follows:

  • Multiaccounts. Using two different accounts during one round.
  • Assaulting the atmosphere of the game, using language. Examples: "We did it reddit", "memes", "wew lad"...
  • Also there is an Aspect in the game, giving the Church's Excommunication the power of a holy ban.