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As the GPC conducted propaganda against Thanati, portraying them as demon-worshipers and sorcerers, more and more occultists, charlatans and madmen, attracted by this reputation, entered the cult. But it was only in the last decades that their black magic began to really work. There are rumors that this is a sure sign of the coming of Tzchernobog.


  • Collect everything that is required for the Rite.
  • Pronounce the Corrupt word while holding something edible in your hand to turn it into the Tzchernobog's flesh.
  • Make sure that you have enough space around you (3x3 tiles or more).
  • Draw the Sigil on the floor with the Tzchernobog's flesh.
  • Pronounce the Circle word corresponding to your Rite to activate the Sigil.
  • Put the required ingredients on the Sigil according to the Rite's requirements. E is the center of the Sigil, other letters indicate the adjacent cells (see the picture).
As simple as it looks!
  • Pronounce the Circle word again. The Ritual is complete if your heart starts to beat faster.


  • The Ritual will fail if the Sigil has other unnecessary items on it.
  • You will not be able to use the same items in the Rites again after they have been used.
  • If the Ritual requires a photo, use the camera, break into the Archive or simply rob the Hall of Fame.
  • You can use volts - wax figures, instead of the photos. Volts require you to know the Dollmaking word.
  • One does not simply revoke the Curse! All Curses either go away with the death or dissipate with the Witch's interference.
  • Carrying out a Rite saves the cultist from the desire to glorify Tzchernobog for the whole round.
  • If a cultists completes 3 rituals, he'll get rewarded even post-mortem.

Circle of Malice

The rituals of the Circle of Malice require special precautions. Never attempt them without a robe.

Rite Requirements Description
JINX B - candle, H - eye Examine your enemy while in combat mode, and their next action will end up in a critical fail. Using it repeatedly will exhaust you. Make sure that your enemy doesn't wield the sanctified weapon, else the Jinx will not work on them.
BLACK JUDGEMENT A D G C F I - candles, E - copper coin Imbues the coin with the power to kill. Whisper the target's name to the coin and flip it. Skull - and your target breathes their last; Cross - and so do you.
RAGE ACGI - skulls, E - liver, H D F - three cultists Enhances the strength of the group to +10 and dexterity to +2. Applies penalties to dodges and attention (examination is no longer possible for them).
SILENCE B - dead rat, G I - human tongues All the thanati who are cuffed up or are being interrogated lose their tongues.
WONDERWORKER A C G I - candles, E - Epitrachelion of the Bishop Summons a Wonderworker. He requires a living child to be sacrificed, in exchange for granting something good.

Circle of Traps

Rite Requirements Description
VIEWPOINT D B F - stones, E - mirror shard Whisper the victim's name to the shard and throw it down. Anyone who steps on it will swap their sight with the victm's. After that, the shard will be destroyed - nobody will track you down.
LEECH G I B - fat, E - victim's photo Exhaustion is no longer a thing for you: any of your actions will draw the strength of the victim, not yours.
LABYRINTH OF MIRRORS A B C D F G H I - mirror shards, E - victim's photo The victim will see all surrounding characters as their own copies and they will speak in the victim's voice as well. Cruel devilry.
FALSE TARGET B - Tzchernobog's flesh, E - victim's photo Blood of the victim will always give a positive result to the Inquisition's test.
MANTRAP E - cuffs Non-thanati that enters the middle of the sigil won't be able to leave it.
OATH ON DEATH E - human carcass, around it - no less than 3 live cultists. All attributes of these characters get a bonus +[amount of cultists]. However, with the death of one, comes death of them all.

Circle of Alteration

Rite Requirements Description
ALL-SEEING EYE E - eye This cursed eye will let you spy on the other characters from a distance. Extremely useful to those who hide from the Inquisition.
BOTTOMLESS STOMACH D B F - trays, E - victim's photo Kindles an unquenchable appetite in the victim. This can lead to death from starvation.
WORD OF ANIMATION A B C - hearts, E - book, G I - candles Pronounce the Word to breathe life into the statues. It will only work once.
PHOENIX E - burning alive cultist (you, for example) The Cultist no longer fears the fire: the flames will heal their wounds and even fractures. Other physical damage is slightly reduced.
IMAGE OF FEAR G B I - little rats, E - victim's photo The victim receives a monstrous attribute - for example, the fangs of a vampire or tentacles of THEY. One would expect the passersby to finish your victim.
PURE BLOOD B - Tzchernobog's flesh, E - human being, H - chalice or another container filled with blood of a pure human being. The target of the ritual receives a protection from blood tests for as long as the source of blood is alive.
ARMOR OF FAITH ACGI - Tzchernobog's flesh, E - cultist's robe. Your robe becomes tougher.

Circle of Fate

Rite Requirements Description
BULLET COLLECTOR DF - candles, B - bullet casings, E - victim's photo If somebody tries to shoot nearby the victim, the gun will be always be aimed at them.
ECHO OF DEATH E - mirror shard For investigations. Stand over the corpse and look at the enchanted shard. You will learn the names of those who saw the death of this person.
THE LAST RITE E - cultist Your last resort when everything falls apart. Reduces all of your attributes by -2, but after death, your wraith will receive 100 points of Pain.
GUARDIAN E - shield, DF - eyes Summons the Guardian. He will protect you from evil.
PRAYER FOR KNOWLEDGE CEG - Fresh Bodies, AI - Books In your dreams, you will see a word of a different circle.
PURGE B E H - naked living or dead cultists, F - candle All members of the Cult, excluding those on the Sigil, will suffer from a heart attack.
NEW LIFE B - human head, G H I - pieces of mirror, The target of the ritual gets a new random appearance and a new name.

Circle of Grief

  • Cut a dancer on the same tile with a wraith to satiate them with Pain.
  • Use Tzchernobog's flesh on an unbroken mirror to summon the wraiths.
Rite Requirements Description
SUNSET A C H - candle, E - victim's photo. Victim will struggle with the gradually approaching blindness.
GRAVE REFLECTION B - mirror shard, H - candle Allows you to see the souls of the dead and communicate with them.
RISEN A C G I - candles, E - wraith and living human Permanently binds the wraith to the victim's body.
CHAINS OF LONELINESS A B C D F G H I - mirror shards, Е - victim's photo The victim can no longer see or hear anyone - people just stop existing for them. Cursing two victims with this rite allows them to see each other.
TOTENKOPF B - skull, Е - cultist, H - candle No helmet would ever be needed for you. The head of the Cultist shrinks to the skull with the rigidity not inferior even to the steel helmet.
DEFILER B D F H - Tzchernobog's flesh, E - cultist The Corrupt word now affects all food in the radius of visibility, poisoning it. The food in your hands will still turn into the Tzchernobog's flesh..
SACRIFICE D F B - candles, H - a church chalice, E - a virgin to be sacrificed, or a child, or a person of noble blood. The victim must not be hurt. The ritual requires the wearing of a robe. After the ritual, it is necessary to tear out the heart of a still living victim. All participating cultists will be healed.

Circle of Dollmaking

Rite Requirements Description
PHILOSOPHER'S CLUB A C I - candles, E - any club. If a person stands on E, their soul will break out of them. Infuses the wraith located in the center of the Sigil in the club. If there is no wraith, a random one will be chosen from those wandering around the Fortress. The club will be enhanced with +5 to the Damage (a lot!), +5 to the Chance to hit, and it will also speak in the beautiful voice of the wraith.
CORRUPTION A C - bones, E - victim's photo. The victim's field of view narrows, their combat skills suffer and the teeth start to fall out.
VOLT B - lighted candle, E - cultist Creates a wax doll of the last character examined by the Cultist. Use it in the other rituals instead of the photos.
MALIGNANT PUPPET E - corpse with the Tzchernobog's flesh in place of heart, B D F - candles, H - cultist Resurrects the corpse as your servant. This zombie is not contagious, but it can understand your speech and use objects.
SUCCUBUS D F - mirror shards, G B I - candles, E - fertilized thanati woman Infuses the victim with a fiend of lust.
FAIR TRADE D F - candles, B - bag, G I - glass shards, E - victim's photo Swaps the armor or outerwear of the cultist and victim.

Circle of Mind

Rite Requirements Description
THE CALL B H - feet, Е - victim's photo The victim will move to the center of the Sigil, frightened and exhausted.
BEDLAM A C H - hearts, E - candle All the people nearby, except for you, will randomly switch places, without any idea how this happened.
DESPERATION F - shovel, D - chisel, E - victim's photo The bright colors of the world will disappear for the victim, leaving their mood devastated to a complete hopelessness. Reduces the speed of movement and takes away the will to talk.
RUNNING MAN D F - candles, E - victim's photo Conjures a fake Sage to follow the victim's trail, forcing them to quit all their business and run for the amusement of the others. Use it after the Warlock's mischiefs.
ENSLAVEMENT A C H - candles, Е - stabbing weapon Stab the victim with this enchanted weapon - along with the blade, your mind will also enter them. While the weapon remains in the wound, you completely control the body of the enslaved.
MASTER'S CANVAS A C - mirror pieces, H - heart, E - signed painting Non-thanati, who has glanced at the enchanted painting, will become charmed, unable to move or turn away. Enchantment will fall if you separate the painting and the viewer.
CAPTIVITY EXPERT B - dead rat, H - candle, E - cultist Influences attentiveness of investigators. The captured cultist will easily get rid of half-closed cuffs, and the search will not help to detect objects in his pockets.

Circle of Speech

Rite Requirements Description
IMP'S TONGUE D F H - cigarette butts, Е - tongue, B - victim's photo The victim will repeat everything you say to the enchanted tongue. As long as the tongue is in your hands, you will hear everything that is said to the victim, and they will not hear it.
QUIET PLACE B H - fish, E - cultist This sigil becomes a place of silence.
PROPAGANDA H - paper with text Your message will be received by all the other characters.
THIEF'S FINGER C G - candles, E - human finger Turns the finger into a universal key that opens any doors.
GRAND GATHERING B H - candles, E - bag Teleports all the cultists, both living and dead to the sigil.
INFESTED CHOIR Tear out the heart of the Consyte on the center of the Sigil All members of the Thanati cult will be able to use the Choir, instantly exchanging the information at a distance.
PACT H - paper, B - candle Turns the paper into a pact. Having voluntarily signed it with blood, the victim entrusts his fate to the cultist's hands: the destruction of the contract will lead to the painful death of the victim. Use this ritual to be sure of your temporary ally. Do not destroy the contract if the victim obeys you.