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The Fortress

Ravenheart is located in the north of the planetary kingdom of Evergreen. It owes its rise to the ancient high-tech ruins it was built upon; complex machines and equipment can be found here, on the same scale as they are in the planet's capital. This once rich fiefdom now vegetates due to the mistakes of the current ruler. However, there is some respite to the disasters that have plagued the recent years in the form of hope: refugees from the south are migrating en masse to the North. Cheap labor and economic prosperity come in the form of these migrants, as the old hunting grounds and ancient mines of the area are almost entirely unspoiled, and are waiting to be exploited.

The stronghold and the nearest caves are ruled by Baron of Ravenheart. Due to the voyage of his immediate overlord, Duke Karbuno, to the Leviathan, the Baron answers directly to the bureaucratic machine of the King of Evergreen himself. The aspiration to reclaim his former glory does not entice the Baron, as he and his family are already preparing to leave the planet after their Duke, on the ancient shuttle called "Charon".

But today, something will go wrong.



The pampered lords of the fortress. Those who have been recorded as not showing them the respect they deserve are no longer alive.

Fate Description Notes


Everyone's favorite tyrant. The Baron is the perfect fate for people who enjoy social experiments. The fortress is your playground.


The head of the biggest family in Ravenheart, resolving disputes by the power of his authority.


The Hand is a close friend and assistant to the baron, who has his trust. He is the only one who can use the Raven Throne without going through an official coronation - he only needs the crown. To ask the Baron to choose you as his Hand, use the brohand command, it'll offer every player that has choosen Baron as their main role to pick you.


Treasurer and advisor to the Baron. They read a lot of books and can easily repair broken ancient artifacts such as a wristshield or a water tap. Some of them tend to forget about the Meister's role of a well-read adviser, thinking that the Baron always knows better. This is not true, teach him!

Noble Family and Entourage

They rarely have political power until the death of the Baron, but they are close enough to the source of power to influence over the events of the stories and beat out respect from the common people.


The wife of a tyrant who gifted him with wonderful children. Grumpy baronesses with terrible attitudes are the pearls of Ravenheart. Do not deprive the Baron the horrors of family life.

Heir and Successor

The ideal role for a beginner. Your orders are unlikely to be taken seriously, but you will receive a good attitude and an easy life. Although the discrepancy between the biological and calendar age is not uncommon because of the Web, do not forget that the heir is not always a son, he may just as well be the Baron's uncle.


He is far from his medieval prototype. But he has a toy gun, a false grenade and other ways of making everyone laugh to death. It's best not to joke about the Censor.

Butler and Sitzfrau

Personal servants of the Baron. The most kind and adorable couple of the fortress. Sitzfrau is directly responsible for the Family's children, their upbringing and well-being.


Baroness' Bodyguard

A woman or an elderly warrior - the last of the Baroness' house retinue.


Brave guardians of the fortress, terrorizing its inhabitants for their own good.


Leads a detachment of Cerberii: they CRAVE for orders. His heroic strength and excellent combat skills are just enough to save the fortress from the disaster. The Censor is loyal to the Baron in all but one instance - when the Baron's involvement in the Thanati cult is well proven.


A fighter with a couple of important differences from a mercenary: loyalty (while receiving a salary) and subordination. If you have a squire, you're in luck. Otherwise, you will have to provide yourself with food and additional armor.


A fanatical warrior-monk who was eager to purify heretics, but gave an imprudent vow. Now it is his duty to watch the gates of the fortress, register migrants and throw scoundrels into magma. Particularly good in close combat against the non-Christians. He also has one of the few relics of Ravenheart - a huge silver cross.


A little hero. They are usually assigned to Cerberii, but may also be rewarded with the honor to serve either the Baron or the Heir. A good choice to learn combat.


It is his duty to keep the village outside the Fortress under control and warn the rest of the garrison about the enemies approaching. You are repulsed by life in the fortress. Being in it plunges you into depression. Exceptions: antagonist sheriffs, alarms announced by the Baron.

The Church

Saviors of the soul and fighters aganist dirty thoughts.


He is rich, powerful and happy with life. Blessing the flock, holding weddings, crowning Barons and excommunicating the stumbled ones is what you would except him to do. Bishop lords over the Inquisitor due to his higher rank. The excommunication is irreversible! Use it for blackmailing.

Inquisitor and Practicii

A detachment of the INKVD that has recently arrived to the Ravenheart. Rumors say there are heretics and conspirators hiding in this place. After a heretic signed the confession, one should crucify him on the cross and return their soul to the Lord. This will grant you additional support points and will earn respect from the Bishop.


Their task is to monitor morality, put sinners and rascals in their place, and sometimes help the poor ones. The role is suitable for those who want to learn medicine, but without the stress and responsibility of the Serpents.


An informant who reported on the Fortress inhabitants to the King long before the arrival of the Inquisition. With their arrival, they now must work for them, instead. Sniffer can mask themself to walk around unnoticed or control the cameras and bugs implanted in the rats remotely.


Saviors of the flesh and enemies of disease.


The only hope for the wounded and sick or the main charlatan of Ravenheart? You will find it out on the operating table. Despite your high skills, there are usually so many patients that there is not enough time to save all of them. Manage the serpents and give tasks to them before you go crazy.


A medical student from a good family, who has recently earned the right to shave his head. Do not spend much energy on the treatment of homeless people and other insolvent folk. There are Nuns for that kind.


The wonder-worker, condemned to death for heresy. The execution is postponed due to their usefulness. The cult of Cons is driven by devotion to the idea of preserving every life. Help the others and never harm them in any way possible.

The Business

Greedy, lazy parasites. Also the only source of income for the noble family.


Blacksmith, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith and their Apprentices. They occupy three smithies in the craft district of the fortress. Doing your job properly will bring you a lot of gold and respect. Who knows, maybe one night you will even lay your hands on adamantite.


Runs "The Old Cock" inn and rents out its basement to the Pusher.


Sells curiosities and provides bored northeners with Amusers.


Amuses and entertains. First intimacy with Amuser grants the customer +4 WP.


Buys goods for cheap, squeezes every coin from the treasury they can manage and plays good music. It is recommended to invest in at least one mercenary.


The local businessperson who runs their own little factory. They export the produce grown in Ravenheart under their own trademark.


The lowest of the low and the scum of Ravenheart.


Knows life. Only advanced players play this role.


Handyman. The only Engineer, builder, repairman, and miner for the whole fortress. Most nobles are often uninspired and simple-minded and will usually only ask to have a statue erected in their honor, or something of a similar sort. Be creative, and offer them your own projects!


Little helpers, doing whatever is asked from them in a variety of situations.


Undertakers who also operate Lifeweb - the main power source of the fortress, which must be fed with blood to remain operational. Do your job quick enough not to get noticed, and don't slack off if you still want to keep your head on your shoulders.


Buries the dead, cleans up the fortress.


Carry crates for the Merchant and deliver goods across the whole fortress. You can also work as a bodyguard for the Merchant.

Fortune Teller

She knows your fate and what will kill you tonight. It's best not to quarrel with her: she will simply curse you.


Breed arelits and harvest the crops. Arelits love to bite their masters' necks. The best investment would be buying a gorget.


Ex-inmates, working at the Geschef's factory.


Little punk that works for the pusher

Factory Kid

Little worker - sews fashionable sneakers on the Geschef's factory, and distracts him from his miserable work.

Extra Roles

They magically appear on those devoted to support the Project.


Monty Python and the holy fortress. Killing a Crusader is an honor to every heretic.


A pilgrim who wants to see the holy shrines of the Fortress.


Went mad while waiting for a client. Don't trust mercenaries.