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Pusher is a lucky fellow. After all, Ravenheart fortress is one of the few places where the things that they used to trade are legal. For the sake of getting here, they even had to get into debt.

Author: Lorkhatosh


  • You have almost paid your debt, but today is the last day! Dealing with the loan sharks certainly was not a good idea.
  • You have exceptionally pure product: almost all of your customers have recently died from an overdose. The rest are too afraid to buy from you: you will have to run an advertising campaign.
  • Your Amusers will bring profit if you will demand enough from them. Use the key card from the basement room to provide them with a place for making obols.
  • You are fortunate enough to have brothel camouflage generators. They will only work in the Brothel.
  • It is preferred to deal with camouflaged anonymous customers only. The Inquisition will soon realize that knocking out the customers' names from you will bring no avail.


Product Effect Also
Reward-55 Slightly improves mood. Has no side effects. Your best product because of its cheapness and efficiency.
Buffout Temporarily increases the Strength of the character. Causes thirst and shivering. Overdosing leads to muscle rupture.
Mentats Restores brain damage, increases Intelligence and Dexterity. Drug abuse leads to irreversible brain damage.
Opiates (Heroin, Metadone, Oxycodone, Morphine) Eliminates the pain. They will kill you. Use the defibrillator in your hideout to save your customers.
Psychostimulants (Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, a-PVP) Restores stamina and invigorates you. Cause severe withdrawal and insomnia.
Psychedelics (DOB,DOI,5-Bromo-DMT, LSOD) Transfers characters from the horrors of the world into the horrors of their subconscious. You may be also be interested in DXM (supplied by the Sanctuary).
Marijuana, JWH-023 Makes you feel relaxed and smoothes your perception. Synthetic variants may be lethal.
Tea Invigorates. Brew it with honey. It's a tradition.
Poison It does not act immediately, but causes convulsions and death. There is no point in covering weapons with it. Injecting it into food or pouring into the victim's drink works best.
Soporific Quickly puts you to sleep. Suitable for the treatment of insomnia, as well as for dating.


The Pusher's assortment of weapons at is random. If the Baron announces a ban on the sale of weapons, prices will rise. The chip obtained from a smuggler reveals a full arsenal and substantially lowers the prices.

Product Effect Also
Blackout Grenade Temporarily disrupts electronics and lighting. If your customer is about to attack someone with an energy shield, advise them to buy this as well.
Grenade Used in raging debates. Do not use in mailboxes.
Screamer 23 .45 caliber pistol. Not very reliable.
Screamer 17S .45 caliber pistol. Has a suppressor.
Sawed-Off Shotgun The mutilated version of the double-barrel shotgun. Caution. It is typically used to rob you.
Garrotte Gives a bonus for strangling. Grab the victim with the other hand and strangle them - the bonus is applied automatically. Underrated stealthy weapon. It is well known that noisy fights tend to gather half of the North's population.
Telescopic Staff A bat that can be fit into a pocket. Hide it in your whistle for the dark times.


Product Effect Also
Priest's license Illegal way to wed or crown someone. The Inquisition will try their best to burn you along with the "priest".
Fake obols They look like the real ones. Traders and automatic vendors will not fall for your tricks, though. Why wouldn't you use them to return the change to your customers?
The camouflage generator Completely hides the identity of the user. Has a small disadvantage: nervous guards don't like the looks of anonymous dwellers. There might be not enough time to shout "I'm your Baron!" before they put a bullet in your head.