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Psionic-Counselor - the only member of the crew with supernatural capabilities.

Basic Abilities

  • Empathy. You will feel the emotions of others. Sometimes it can be unpleasant.
  • Telepathic Teaching. You train the other characters instantly to the level of your knowledge, and you can learn the same way. The skills acquired in this way remain in the person's memory for only a few hours - but that will be enough for you.
  • Mind Reading. Sometimes, when examining your companions, you will anticipate what they will say - or remember one of their last phrases.
  • Psychometry. Allows you to read the information about an item through a touch. At the Station, you can find out who touched the item. (Examine the object while in combat mode).


  • Knowledge Collection. Usually it's forbidden to you - such an invasion to someone's mind is both risky and unethical. But it might be necessary in a critical situation.
  • Awakening clones. Use your taser on the clone. The body will be offered to the wraiths. If nothing happens, try again later - no volunteers are present.
  • Training clones. Clones produced by Geneticist are useless similarities of their sources. For example, a copy of the Pilot's body is not able to use the Scout until you put the knowledge into them.
  • Educating clones. Not mechanical, but the roleplaying part of the Counselor that is just as important. The clone who was not settled down or motivated could easily cause a massacre.
  • Conflict resolution. There is no better negotiator than a professional telepath.
  • Treatment of flashes of insanity. For this, you have a straight jacket, two cells with soft walls and Healing Headphones.
  • Tracking staff movements. Use your console to check health indicators and locations of all crew members.


Psi-Boost is a device implanted in the brain that can repeatedly enhance the innate psi-talents of the operator.

  • After unlocking the appropriate technology, the Replicator will be able to produce this implant.
  • Undergo the operation of Psi-Boost implant.
  • Unlocks the access to remote vision and thoughts transmission for the Psionic.
  • The base model will give you three random abilities, advanced - all nine.
  • Abilities can be used by ordinary people too, but the power and duration of the effects will depend on the Psionic skill.
  • Using these abilities permanently damages your brain, spending Intelligence. If there is not enough Intelligence present, Willpower can be used instead of it.
Cost (INT) Psi-Power Effect
2 Psi-Armor Imaginary armor, protecting from almost any damage.
2 Pain Radiation Force everyone in the field of vision to twitch in agony. Increased duration for the enemies in a grave mood.
1 Fear Radiation Directs your insecurity and secret fears to the outside. All the characters in the field of vision will panic.
5 Telepathic Control Forces the victim to be completely controlled by the Telepath for a limited period.
1 Psychogenic Agility Permanently enhances the agility of the Psionic.
1 Psychogenic Strength Permanently enhances the strength of the Psionic.
1 Hypnogenesis Strongly slows down the opponent, not allowing them to crawl and jump.
1 Meta-Barrier Creates a psionic wall. Only the characters with equal or exceeding your Psionics talent will be able to pass through it.
2 Cryptokinetic Attack Freezes your target.
5 Pyrokinetic Attack Instantly ignites your opponent.