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Like the Marshal, you are part of IntenSecure, which provides specialists to other corporations, such as Tri-Net.

Shortly after waking up, you will discover the loss of your beloved vessel Charon (thanks to the traitor). Now you have only a small scout and a lot of work.


  • Locate the EVA compartment and collect the necessary gear.
  • Be sure not to leave Beacon.png an emergency beacon under your pillow.
  • Put yourself in a spacesuit, grab a satchel and a spare oxygen tank.
  • Use RMB on the jetpack to turn on the thrusters.
  • Go to your scout, unlock the control panel with your card and specify the purpose of the flight.


  • Local Mining Mission : Visit asteroids where Zrbyte is often found.
  • Salvage Mission : The journey to the derelict Corporation ships. You can find Elerium in the asteroids nearby.
  • Satellite : The journey to your observation satellite where the android, Lance, is stationed. The security code is known to the overseer.
  • Base : Travel to your secret base on the planet Evergreen. Starting the search for the Charon is more logical from here. Installation of the landing module component is required (can be found on the wrecked ships).
  • Distress Signal : If the communications equipment detected a signal from an emergency beacon, you can go to that particular void passage where your lost comrade is suffering.


  • Use the Gravcutter to split the rocks you come across.
  • Take an activated ore collector with you.
  • If you come across gold - it means no luck!
  • Check the dosimeter - the spacesuit barely provides protection against radiation, and you don't want to get ill.


  • Looking into the corpses of decrepit ships is very dangerous. Before taking the risk, supply the crew with resources, pamper the Psionic with knowledge and bequeath your stuff to the captain.
  • Lend your toolbox to the Engineer if he needs it.
  • If you stumble upon a cryochamber, do not rush to open it - the vacuum of space will kill the survivor. Use a wrench to unscrew it and deliver it to the station.
  • If you are blocked by a psi-wall, return with the Psionic-Counselor: he will be able to overcome it.


The glass of your helmet looks unreliable. The Research Department will make you a spacesuit without this flaw.