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The Station

The usual shift at Orbital Station 13 is finished. Thirteen crew members dived into cryosleep chambers, set to awaken on demand. Usually such a dream lasts from a couple of weeks to six months, until a signal is received from one of the master bases.

Six hundred years later, the on-board artificial intelligence finally succeeds in self-destruction. The explosion destroys several station systems, including camouflage fields, automatic meteoric protection and the main engine. Automation awakens the crew to resolve an emergency.


Fate Description Notes


With the help of his revolver and authority, he directs the efforts of the sleepy crew. Do not forget to immediately hold a briefing, put everyone on the track and distribute responsibilities.


Restore the energy, fix the dents and help the Pilot in the spare time. A sober Engineer will lead to trouble.


Investigates the events of the station and goes after the Traitor. The best fighter onboard. Do not be shy about interrogations and searches while the captain permits it.


Uses a small scout ship to move to locations from the station's coordinate base. Extracts resources from rich asteroids and robs the remains of the Corporation ships. Wear a personal beacon around your neck so that you don't get lost.


Recycles crew members. Clones the crew members. Cares for his mutant-monkey. Filling the station with copies of yourself is not nice.

Medical Officer

Heals those who can't be saved by an automatic nurse.

Scientific Overseer

Directs the actions of Cybertechnicians. Uses a replicator prototype to process resources into necessary devices. You have some floppy disks with cyberprograms on start: one near the Replicator console, and other in the warehouse.


Hacks the database of the station to return access to technologies.


A telepath. Instantly learns and teaches - without them, the clones will be completely useless. Psionic-Counselors plays a role in the investigations: they can feel the person who has recently touched a certain thing.

Logistics Officer

Cook, janitor and a courier in one person.


A little helper. Unlike adults, he can run in the tech-tunnels. They decided to save the budget on the children's space suit. Be careful.


Not only the Corporation ceased to exist, but also its rivals who sent the Traitor to the station. Their objectives no longer make any sense... that's, of course, if the Captain tells the truth. But what if all of this is an artful staging of TNC and Intensecure, played out just to identify enemy agents? It is possible - and therefore, the plan is to be followed.

How to betray:

  • A few minutes after awakening from the cryopods, your memory will return and you will remember your last task (for example - uploading a virus into the Genetic console).
  • Enter the maintenance tunnels and find out any closed Maint.jpg segments.
  • Click "Open Cache" from the Traitor's tab to extract all the necessary tools: a cryptographic sequencer for breaking the locks, a bomb and a special mission item (if provided).
  • The bomb must be planted in one of the compartments: EVA, Bridge or Brig.
  • After completing the main task, you need to get to the bridge and launch the lifeboat.
  • Get on the lifeboat. Prevent the crew members from interfering with you.
  • If everything works out, you will leave the damned station and your enemies, and the bomb will be activated.


  • You will know who besides you is under suspicion. Try to set up a colleague.
  • After completing the main task, the traitor can remember which document with evidence he was going to destroy before going to bed: use the Thoughts.png Thoughts button.
  • Make your way to the bridge and activate the virus in the main onboard console. This will prevent your former friends from canceling the launch of the boat.
  • The traitor does not receive Crew rewards.
  • The player who completes the traitor's goals receives the Sky Veteran Medal and a place in the Hall of Fame - until the next successful villain takes it away.