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Like many other homeless people, Misero tried to get a shameful, but well-fed work of a mortus. Alas, not everyone has the intelligence to work with a complex Web, and not everyone has the skill to obtain new volunteers.

During the years of attempts, this unfortunate man could not understand much, but he turned out to be a good helper for the Morticians, whose jobs get harder each night.


  • KVA-glasses, allows you to see the infection and helps you stay away from it.
  • Brass Knuckle for protection from envious bums.
  • Shovel for burying the dead.
  • Air Purifier for getting rid of stink.
  • Shapka for cleaning the walls.
  • Trashbag, that you can put on your back.


Misero is illiterate, does not feel disgust even from bad food and smells. He is covered with ulcers, which don't bother him anymore. Too stupid and absent-minded for depression - the mood can only go down by half.


  • Morticians are busy with the energy, often they have no time to bury the dead. Do this for them, dig the graves.
  • Clean the rot and get rid of the trash. Court servants are too squeamish for such matters.