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Migrantess (author: Lorkhatosh)
  • Alchemist brews astonishing potions.
  • Engineer builds most enduring walls and bridges.
  • Miner digs deep.
  • Peasant sows the soil for crops and pigtails. They can also tame arelits.
  • Priest can do almost everything the Bishop does. You can create a church by crafting a big stone cross.
  • Consyte hastens to cater for everyone.
  • Shroomcutter gathers shroomwood.
  • Cook carries the entire kitchen set in their portable refrigerator.
  • Znamak does tattooing and crafts artifacts.
  • Blacksmith forges cones.
  • Tanner collects hides and makes useful items with them.
  • Pcheloved collects honey from cave bees.
  • Swineherd travels the caves with their piggy friend. It would be extremely sad to part with her!
  • Soapmaker is not really useful, though he has a huge battle-spoon!
  • Courier - Evermail delivers the parcel with a small delay. The package has a dactyl lock - only the recipient could open it!
  • Gem Cutter - a rich person who loves processing precious stones.
  • Reporter streams a live report from the middle of the dangerous caves. You can watch it at the Ravenheart's cinema.
  • Pathfinder can accurately determine their location on the map. They know which way to look to find somebody.
  • Bard brings joy via singing songs and playing his baliset.
  • Hunter has a bow with arrows and an eagle's eye.
  • Healer has a first aid kit along with the tools to perform surgeries.
  • Stone Carver - one of not-so-many who can make stone sculptures.
  • Acrobat - nimble and full of life, they can perform tricks. To do this, use MMB+JUMP on yourself.
  • Teacher knows how to do random things and can teach somebody how to do them pretty well too. Teaching is done by clicking the TEACH button in the bottom-right.
  • Trader carries a commstation with 300 obols and a mysterious package, in which they will find what they put there before the journey.
  • Fisher has a fishing rod, a stock of worms and lots of free time.
  • Thief masterfully snatches stuff from their friends' pockets and picks locks.
  • Drugdealer has a chip for the commstation that opens Foxic's Pleasure and a sample package hidden in their whistle.
  • Prostitute - pleases your eyes with a pretty outfit.

Rare Fates

  • Martial Artist knows how to fight well and is desperate for a pupil.
  • Vampire Hunter saves the souls of the Undead by stuffing their bodies with silver daggers.
  • Town Guard looks for a town to guard.