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Being a monopolist in this crappy castle, you can lift the prices as much as you want, until the Baron hangs you by your heels and orders you to make an eagle out of you.


  • Use the option "Order goods" on your terminal.
  • Products are divided into categories, most often they are sold in bulk.
  • Select the desired items and click "Send to Fortress".
  • To bring containers from the train to the shop, use the Dockers - they carry weights much faster.
  • Sell goods to your customers.

(Example: 6 packs of cigarettes are ordered at 60 obols (without tax), with a price of 10 obols per pack. Sell them at a price of 15-25 obols to become a little richer)

Product Promotion

  • Advertise via Intercom.
  • Leave advertisements in Information Terminals.
  • Use red Vending Machines. RMB will allow you to fill it with goods, set the price and come up with spectacular descriptions.
  • Besides the wall mounted-one, you also have a Vending.png mobile machine. Use the Wrench to set it in a convenient place outside the shop.
  • If you buy something for someone, try to sell some junk at the same time. If the baron came for some batteries, he can also grab a magazine, if offered.


Residents of the fortress will bring you valuables in the hope of getting cash or other goods for them.

  • Rate the product by inspecting it ( SHIFT + LMB).
  • Offer a much lower price for it. Try to get the maximum profit out of it.
  • To sell goods, load them to the train in a chest and click "Send Train" in your terminal.

Export and Geshef

  • Agree on your share with Geshef.
  • Send the Dockers for the containers.
  • Sell the containers, by leaving them on the train.


  • At the beginning of the round there are three rich men in the fortress: you, the Bishop and the Baron. The last two are protected by armored guards and tactical Inquisition, and you will have to recruit guards on your own.
  • Dockers are not bad at waving their fists and passed the siege courses - can accurately shoot crossbows.
  • You can resort to the services of Mercenaries, but pay them generously, so that they do not decide that it is more profitable to rob you.
  • Blacksmiths are not only a source of nutritional income. Cast your dockers in mail, and you will not be disturbed.
  • Do not move around the Fortress, while carrying large sums in your purse. Check often if your ring is in it's place.


  • In the Sanctuary and the INN there are vending machines with medicines and products that they receive from the Merchants Guild, from you basically. You can increase the margin to 800%.
  • Attention awards. In each round, one $ SPECIAL OFFER $ is selected - it can be a stealth generator, a night vision device or even a powerful grenade.
  • Use ( RMB) on your terminal to block it. It will not be possible to access it without a ring.