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  • Insert the Precursor charge into the ChargeMaster.
  • Use RMB to choose the required type of charge.
  • Use LMB to start the recycling process.
  • Issue the charge to the crew member requesting it, or walk around and personally install it in the Dispenser.
  • If you have run out of Precursors, the Pilot will gladly deliver you the new ones from the ruins of the old ships.

Types of charges

  • Precursor. Used to get the other types of charges.
  • Chemicals. Without this charge, the Medical Officer will not be able to make the required chemicals.
  • Cigarettes. It is necessary for the entire crew to survive this shift.
  • Soda. Pepsi will help you stay awake.
  • Alcohol. It is necessary for the Engineers to not go insane.
  • Security. Used by the Marshal for your protection.
  • Equipment. A lot of useful things, including spare cards, are contained in Equipment Dispensers. The range of these Dispensers in different departments is different, so be sure to make as many as you can.


  • Install the Water Chip obtained from the Scientific Overseer into the Water Supply console.
  • Fill the vats with water.
  • Add yeast and glig into the each vat. They will react, which after a while will lead to the formation of foam.
  • When the process stops, a red light will flash in the status bar. Take the Skimmer and mix the foam.
  • Mix the foam as needed until the green light flashes. Then take the Skimmer and scoop up the goo.
  • Pour out the goo from the skimmer into the Biomass Press to acquire biomass.
  • Take the biomass to the kitchen and give it an appetizing form in the food processor.


  • Take the biomass to the Geneticist so that they can shape it in a crewmember.