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Organizations of the Past

  • NOL. New Order League, union of the inhabited planets with the capital on Evergreen, founded to counterweight the influence of the Corporations. Ceased to exist.
  • Tri-Net Corp. - one of the most powerful mega-corporations. Cooperated with NOL most closely.
  • USSR-3. The last attempt to revive the Soviet Union with its capital on Earth. Collapsed after the defeat in the War of Sickle in 2222.
  • Old Union. The underground revanchists dreaming of the Fourth Coming of the socialist empire.
  • Thanati. Initially, the Thanati cult did not glorify Tzchernobog, but it was famous for its mass suicides, terrorist attacks and fanatical pursue of the goal of eliminating the phenomenon of existence and consciousness, which in general reflects the attitude towards the life of the XXV century folk.

Active Organizations

  • Orphans. Community of former Enoch associates investigating his death. They were declared as heretics, demon-worshipers, child killers and terrorists ... although there are rumors that someone from higher-ups simply doesn't want any uncomfortable questions. In the game they act in secrecy, pretending to be Homeless and collecting valuable information.
  • Cult of Cons - peaceful heretics and miracle workers, whose heresy is forgiven for their strange gift and sincere desire to help the others.
  • Dim-Yin - a group of radical misandrists associated with Thanati. One of the antagonists of the Wanderlust gamemode.
  • Holy Inquisition (INKVD) - organization founded by Leopold I, consisting of holy people engaged in investigating heresy and saving souls with improvised means.
  • Slavers - caste of Allah's Prisoners living in Hive who recently acquired supreme authority. They exploit the hope for the return of the greatness of the human race by populating the ruined planets with slaves.
  • Soulbreakers - one of the slavers' factions. Evergreenians tend to refer all Prisoners with this name.
  • The Solar Spiral - armed madmen that are confident that the undead exist. They can be recognized by embroidered golden sun and silver stakes in hands. Treat them like you would any other armed madmen. In the game they are represented by a rare class of migrants.
  • Merchants Guild.
  • Mercenary Guild.


  • Sector Crescent - region of Space inhabited by humans.
  • Zoitse - star that illuminates Evergreen.
  • Earth - cradle of human civilization, generously covered with wounds from weapons of mass destruction of all sorts. It was classified as unsuitable for life, although people here lived for decades after the War of Sickle.
  • Hive - gigantic base of the Slavers, sewed from the remains of hundreds of space stations and ships. Literally crumbles to pieces and is constantly being repaired. The Great Bazaar and other miracles can be found here.
  • Other planets - destroyed during the events of the End of the World, even the least affected of them are toxic and deserted, which does not prevent the Prisoners from recolonizing them at the cost of hundreds of slave lives.
  • Leviathan - colonial ship of the Kingdom of Evergreen that is being built for the Exodus - the escape of royal subjects from the planet engulfed in riots, civil wars and almost defeated by Soulbreakers. Away from the populated Sector - into a brighter future.


  • Ravenheart Fortress - you are currently here.
  • Vranovo is another fortress in the North with more violent inhabitants than Ravenheart. In it, the Knyaz ruled with his retinue. Although the Count-Conqueror boasts that he burned it, in fact Vranovo burnt without the outside help.
  • TNC Base - one of the many facilities of the Corporation in the North of the planet. It was most likely used for espionage. Unlike other ruins, it is untouched, because according to the belief, it has a curse on it.
  • Blackstone - city in the North, the closest to Ravenheart.
  • Nort - city in the North.
  • Gahan - the capital of the Kingdom of Evergreen, a bright and beautiful city, closed by a climatic dome.
  • Wurmigstein Prison - correctional institution located in the North. Wanderlust takes place there.
  • Rothold Prison - correctional institution in the North. It is the previous location of Wanderlust.
  • Salar - province of Evergreen famous for its fertile caves, hospitable inhabitants and salo.
  • Rahal - province of Evergreen famous for its dark-skinned population and magma.
  • Wei-Ji Burrow - small settlement contained with millions of Ginks.