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Panel of Inventory

Interface slojno.png
  1. Head. You can combine some headgear. For example, put a chainmail hood in this slot, and then click on it with a helmet.
  2. Ear.
  3. Mask. Is also good for cigarettes and facehuggers.
  4. Eyes.
  5. Back. It's a place for cloaks, backpacks, bags and wounded comrades (use GRAB on a lying comrade and click on the Back slot to carry him.
  6. Neck - Amulets, gorgets e.t.c
  7. Back - additional slot. Cannot be used to wear cloaks and backpacks, but can handle a bag or a sheath.
  8. Hands.
  9. Armor or overcoat. Some pieces could also be combined: for example, a hauberk and a breastplate.
  10. Toggle Right/Left hand.
  11. Forearms. You cannot put a bracelet on your right forearm with your right hand.
  12. Gloves.
  13. Pockets.
  14. Clothing.
  15. Footwear. If you wear high boots, use RMB to hide a small item in a bootleg.
  16. Belt. MMB shows the secret second belt slot.
  17. Ring.

Panel of Combat

Interface slojno ochen.png
  1. Special actions
    1. 2HAND: grab your weapon with both hands.
    2. LOOK UP.
    3. HIDE. Works only in the darkness or with special abilities (some Grosth Followers can hide in miasma, and Aliens can hide in their Slime).
    4. BLIND: your character will swing his weapon in attempt to make a blind attack.
  2. INTENTS are used in many interactions.
    1. HELP: wake up a person, give food (you must target MOUTH), perform rescue breathing or heart massage.
    2. GRAB. wrench a body part, break neck, take down the enemy or even rip a limb off (if you're extremely strong). Grabbed limb cannot be used.
    3. DISARM: use on your enemy's torso to push him (effective only if his COMBAT MODE is turned off). With this intent, you can also disarm your enemy with your weapon, for example if you duel with swords.
    4. HARM: deliver damage. It often has a higher priority than an item's purpose: don't drink from bottles with this intent selected.
  3. Special actions (2). MMB on a target to use them.
    1. KICK.
    2. STEAL. Use it with an empty hand to pickpocket. If you target Torso, the pickpocket attempt will apply to both pockets and bags the target wields. Use it with an item to toss it (for example, if you want to frame someone as a Thanati, toss some corrupted flesh into their pocket). Keep this mode activated if you want to grab your weapons without making a noise.
    3. JUMP. Note: only Obkrisens and other supernatual creatures are able to jump upstairs.
    4. BITE. Some creatures and mutants could even gnaw off bodyparts of their enemies. RMB allows to spit an item out.
  4. Fixed Eye
    1. Your character will try to keep his direction while he moves. Useful if you retreat while keeping your enemies at gunpoint. RMB to Gaze Around to find enemies and traps. MMB to Reset Camera.
  5. Defense Mode
    1. DODGE. Your character will dodge attacks. It doesn't work if there's nowhere to step away. GPC bible blessings increase this roll.
    2. PARRY. Your character will parry attacks. After doing so, your weapon will not be ready to be used again instantly and you won't be able to perform attacks with it for a few moments.
  6. Drop the object you're currently pulling.
  7. COMBAT MODE. Essential to your survival. Turning it on means your character is fully aware. Without it, you will miss enemy attacks and other evil actions.
  8. Combat styles. Press on it to show the tabs. More here.
  9. SPRINT. Run as fast as possible.

Panel of Life

Sovsem slojno.png
  1. Target doll. Choose a part of your or enemy body to interact with. RMB to choose a random part.
  2. Breath indicator. Red means your character is out of air (he is underwater, in vacuum, without lungs or being strangled) or is holding their breath. LMB on it to hold breath.
  3. Mood. Bad mood makes you ineffective and will cause tantrums (fancy name for spirit possessions). LMB on it to see the joys and sorrows of your character. In Lifeweb, mood cannot be positive, it ranges from extremely negative to neutral.
  4. Surrender. Your character gives up his ability to fight and shows the enemies their wish for a peaceful outcome. Decent players will usually show mercy to you.
  5. Hunger and thirst indicators.
  6. Cute buttons
    1. SWORD: Character's skills. MMB: teach other characters.
    2. BLOOD DROP: Houses of Ravenheart. Tells you about the families that live in the Fortress.
    3. FACE: Character's memories. You can view the full log of the round here.
    4. QUESTION: LMB and RMB are used for fast access to recipes and hotkeys.
  7. Moving mode: Walk/Jog.
  8. Problems indicator. It is activated whenever your character is burning or feels poisoned.
  9. Toggle body position: Stand up/Lay down.
  10. Temperature indicator. You can feel hot due to sickness.
  11. Health status. LMB gives a full report. RMB enables detailed examination: when looking at other characters, you will learn more about their wounds.
  12. Stamina. RMB allows you to make an EFFORT: raise a stat for a short period or resist your vomit reflex.
  13. Strict buttons
    1. Sleep/Awake. Sleeping anywhere but a bed doesn't heal you.
    2. Eyes. If you still have your eyes you can close and open them.
    3. Teaching.
  14. RESIST to break free from a grab. You can also unbuckle from beds and chairs with it. RMB enables obedience mode: no action against your character will be resisted.

WSAD Control Scheme


Ancient Control Scheme


  • Ascend/Dive: CTRL + PgUp / PgDn
  • Sit / Stand up from the chair: CTRL + PgUp / PgDn
  • Change attack mode: PgDn
  • Change active hands: PgUp



  • Whisper: "+Now we're doomed!"
  • Custom speech: "smiles*Now we're doomed!"
  • Primary radio channel: ";Now we're doomed!"
  • Dedicated radio channel: ":sNow we're doomed!"
  • Servants radio channel: ":zNow we're doomed!"


  • Swim Up / Dive: PgUp/PgDn
  • Toggle Attack Mode: PgDn
  • Toggle Active Hand: PgUp
  • Examine: SHIFT+LMB
  • Point at: CTRL+RMB
  • Pull: CTRL+LMB
  • Toggle Combat Mode: INSERT
  • Repair a Firearm: RMB
  • Give something: RMB+HELP
  • Target with a ranged weapon: RMB + HARM
  • Undress: drag the target onto yourself
  • Teach: F9


  • F6: OOC/LOOC
  • F10: Cancel Camera View
  • F11: Input Commands
  • F12: HELP


Fullscreen: CTRL+ENTER Hide/show the bottom panel: TAB


  • Check pulse: EMPTY HAND + RMB + HELP
  • Splint: have a stick in the other hand while bandaging
  • Remove bandages: RMB + GRAB
  • Mouth-to-mouth: LMB + HELP + ZONE:MOUTH
  • Heart massage: LMB + HELP + ZONE:HEART
  • Bad things: drag yourself onto a victim
  • Field Surgery: MMB with a sharp weapon (dangerous)


  • Look at the distance: AIMED + RMB.
  • Advanced climbing: drag yourself to a nearby wall (cling on), then drag yourself to a nearby tile (climb towards it)
  • Combat styles: CTRL+1 ... CTRL+8
  • Get rid of bad memories: get drunk and cry with 2 friends.
  • Advanced attack: RMB+HARM/RMB in COMBAT MODE
  • Roll up a sleeve: RMB on your clothing
  • Tear a sleeve off: MMB on your clothing


Character options

  • optimize: additional defects (complete blindness, lack of legs, etc.)
  • aids : have a chance of spawning with STD

Game options

  • newborder : better windows (may work incorrectly)
  • retro: old-style HUD (for smaller screens)
  • wsad : toggle control scheme
  • setfontsize : modify the default font size
  • fix64 : x2 resolution instead of stretch


  • sethand : as a Baron, choose someone as a Hand (before round starts)
  • setspouse : choose someone as your spouse (they must give consent)
  • brohand : agree to be a Hand (except Merchant and Inquisitor
  • squireme : priority of squire assignment


  • invite: invite a friend (requires Comrade access)
  • showlads : show player keys (after roundend)
  • mycolor : choose OOC color (if available)