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=== You're interested in... ===
=== You're interested in... ===
* Heretics
* Heretics
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=== Recommended Literature ===
=== Recommended Literature ===
"The First Law" by Joe Abercrombie, whose Inquisition became the prototype of our masters of interrogation.
"The First Law" by Joe Abercrombie, whose Inquisition became the prototype of our masters of interrogation.

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You're interested in...

  • Heretics
  • Blasphemers
  • Churchemers
  • Unfaithful husbands or wives
  • Mutants
  • Plotters
  • Undead and the Others

You're not interested in...

  • The enemies of the baron. You can try negotiating with the Count about neutrality in the war, though.
  • Amusers and Pusher. The legalization of this rot is on the conscience of the Baron. However, you can try to guide them on the path of morality.
  • The Consyte. He is already sentenced to death, executing the sentence is not your concern.

Church Blood Test

  • Take the blood from your favorite fortress resident.
  • Pour it into the Chalice.png Chalice.
  • Use a sharp weapon to carve holy signs on the altar.
  • Put the chalice on an Altar.png Altar.
  • If something bad happens, congratulations - you found a heretic!

False-positive results:

  • Blood of the experienced - your suspect witnessed so many bad things during the round that they made him different.
  • Blood of a child. Children usually cannot be heretics (nobody would entrust them to join the secret cult!), so if the test works, at least one of their parents is guilty.

After a positive result, the cup is fused into the altar, and the blood in it becomes pure stone: you will have to look for a new altar. There are four of them in the fortress, so try to get the names of the associates from the living heretic: there can be many more of them.

False-Negative result:

  • Opiates in the suspect's blood.

How to make the Heretic talk Skin.png

INKVD at work

Typical ways to make them talk for those who are not gifted with imagination:

  • Tongs are inserted into the mouth, tightened around the tooth and...
  • A skinning knife bites into the skin and...
  • The blade slowly approaches the sack and...
  • Threats to the relatives and friends. Fulfilled threats to the relatives and friends.
  • Playing a club'n'knee.
  • Tickling.
  • Infinite reproduction of the most miserable Jester's jokes through the dictaphone.
  • Evergreenian rap playing through Boombox.

(remember that methods 1,2 and 3 lead to victim's loss of CHR - and enjoy)

If, after the performed actions, the conspirator or other suspect doesn't repent and doesn't immediately demand to bring him a confession paper, then perhaps the client needs a more personal approach.

Support Points

The Inquisitor can use any mailbox to exchange SP for useful things. The list includes:

  • (1) Noctis-5 cartridge
  • (1) Inquisitor's Cap
  • (1) Inquisitor's Hat
  • (5) Harat revoler. Ammo not included.
  • (1) Ammo for the revolver.
  • (3) Silver obols.
  • (1) Shock-implant kit.
  • (1) Fencing gloves. Won't make you the best swordsman.
  • (2) a Baton
  • (1) a Blood Snatcher (much more convinient than syringes for secretive blood collection)
  • (9) Holy Water bottle
  • (1) a Golden Cross
  • (2) a Satchel
  • (3) Energy Shield (battery included)
  • (1) a Flashbang
  • (2) a Gas Grenade
  • (1) a Club
  • (1) Telescopic Staff
  • (1) Crossbow
  • (1) Crossbow Bolts
  • (3) Silver Crossbow Bolts (effective aganist vampires... if those even exist, of course)
  • (1) Electric razor
  • (1) a Gas mask
  • (3) a Sword
  • (1) a Silver Dagger
  • (1) a Pair of Handcuffs
  • (15) a Sonic screwdriver
  • (15) a Firethrower

The heretic cooperates

So, you made a new friend.

  1. Give him a pen and a printed form for confessions (issued in the Dungeon).
  2. Once signed, send the form via the mailbox.
  3. Tell something encouraging to the heretic and crucify him on the cross in the Church.
  4. End his suffering. Get Support Points. Look for the next one.

If the heretic only praises Chernobog with his gibberish:

  1. Record his screams on the recorder. A cassette is equivalent to a confession, send it.


Inquisitor's Acolytes. Sometimes, not only idiots appear in this position, however, don't put much hopes on it.

How to handle the Baron

On one hand, he is not your boss, you do not answer to him - and you represent a much more powerful force. On the other hand, a whole squad of well-armed loyal people is behind this person. Common sense will help you. And Baron has the right to expand your powers - which gives you additional support points and allows you to open almost all of the doors in the fortress.

How to handle the Bishop

And this one here is your boss. Useless in battle, corrupt, gold-loving... But if you do not kiss his feet, then you're not worthy enough to be called the Inquisitor. Also, the Bishop can reward you with Support Points and provide with Holy Water.

How to handle the Tribunal

In general, they are on your side. You both work in the name of the King. However, in case of storming the fortress, the Ordinators can be quite cocked - handle the negotiations with your shield turned on and offer them the peace pipe.

"The practicus left" Author:KoNAX

Recommended Literature

"The First Law" by Joe Abercrombie, whose Inquisition became the prototype of our masters of interrogation.