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This article briefly describes the Game Modes from the point of view of the inhabitants of the fortress. In order to learn how to play as antagonists, there is a corresponding article.

Quiet Day

Nothing happens, no antagonists. The bloodiest gamemode.


The Count himself is coming to the fortress! His soldiers are numerous, strong and well-armed, and skillful engineers are already deconstructing the walls of the fort. Siege will quickly grow into an assault, and the defenders have no chance to win.

  • When opening the arsenal, make sure that the weapons are first given to the most precise Ravenhearters.
  • Avoid taking several weapons at once - the enemy is already outnumbering you.
  • Organize a patrol on the walls and report on the detected enemies.
  • Tainted Thanati are easily sold to the enemy. The Inquisition should continue to search for heretics with redoubled force, and only after their elimination participate in battles.
  • Supply plays a key role. If you do not supply ammunition and food to the militia, the fortress will fall.
  • If you are a bad fighter, try to bring as much use as possible acting as a courier, a doctor or a cook. In extreme cases, retreat into the throne room under the protection of the guards.


  • Down with the Baron! Several noble gentlemen in the fortress are brewing a coup.
  • If you are not a baron or his guard, you have no benefit (except for gloating) of handing over the conspirators. Join the strongest of them for a reward or do your own thing.
  • It's a mercantile world. If you still decide to report on someone, try to blackmail the conspirator or ask the baron for money in exchange for information.


A new object has been found on the Evergreen's orbit - the camouflage fields of one of the Orbital Stations have failed. God-King Sherold wants to seize it with minimal losses, but the station will also protect itself with missiles from any encroachment. The brave Baron of Ravenheart comes to help, whose dilapidated shuttle once belonged to the station's Corporation, and, perhaps, will be able to bypass its defense systems.

  • Get to the bridge to disable the station protection system.
  • A crew with ancient knowledge is more important than a crumbling equipment. Take them alive.


Rumors say that recently a psychopath appeared in the Ravenheart. He lures gullible ravenhearthers into dark alleys, where he dissects and creates grotesque "masterpieces" from their bodies. Who knows what motivates him. Who knows what's going on in his head?


  • Malicious alien, rising from the dead, hunting people, turning them into talking cocoons and stealing their appearance? It's good that you don't know anything about it.

King's Will

King Sherold the Fat torments Ravenheart again with his stupid demands of tribute. They say he only seeks to get rid of the foolish Baron and his accursed hollow.

  • Collect everything that is required on the Merchant's train.
  • The train must be sent by Baron, not Merchant - otherwise everything will be lost!
  • Celebrate! Those present at the feast will be rewarded with CHR.

If you didn't make it in time:

  • Church workers must proceed with the soldiers of the Tribunal to a safe place.
  • All the rest shall die.

Big Shot

The Fortress was put up for sale. Revisor is about to arrive to get acquainted with the sanitary state of the Baron's possession - the outcome of the transaction depends on this.

  • Take part in the spring cleaning. Rubbish, rats, rot, corpses, vomit and shit don't leave the best first impression.
  • Revisor in his report will AWARD the three best, in his opinion, residents of the Fortress - even if the sale does not take place. Try to curry favor with him.
  • In case of failure, only one Fortress inhabitant will be fined. Better not be rude to Revisor.
  • There are rumors that the capital's gentlemen are susceptible to the male playfulness. Try this approach.
  • The Fortress loses if Revisor gets murdered or reports more than one violation.
  • The Fortress wins if Revisor registers one violation (for 0 he will be reproached). Try to appease such an important guest with bribes, flattery and vodka.

Great Migration

Main page: Great Migration

Departed modes

The regime board of shame. What actually turned out to be a bore of the mortal, and was canceled to facilitate the players:

  • Grue: Darkness is coming. The revived shadows devour the gaping residents of the Fortress, gaining strength. Now Grue are the unguided helpers of the Wraiths.
  • Dirty Competition: Several succubi in maiden guises enslave men in the fortress through seduction. Who among them will scow more weaklings? (Now Succubus is a character's Special)
  • Riot: Commoners decided that they were fed up with a boot of power. The upper class will be exterminated! The mode has been replaced with Putsch.
  • Angel: The last of the Luciferians obtains supporters through contracts that promise strength and immortality. He is confronted by an underground grouping of psychonauts - Christians of P.E.U., who evoke the Angel with their psychedelic orgies.
  • Secret society: Someone in Ravenheart founded a cool invite-only secret club and the others decided to do the same. The community of the surviving ringleader will be considered the best and the only one.
  • Blood Moon: Werewolves against vampires, and between them - the frightened mortals. Replaced with Heist, but it still has a rare chance to occur.
  • Retribution: Wraiths whisper to the living of those who is guilty of sin and deserves death. At the end the Angel is present to carry out the executions.
  • Assault: simple migrants get the goal to capture the Fortress. Replaced with Siege, but has a 1% chance of appearing in the modes rotation.
  • Warfare: artillery bombardment, poison gas, commanders in bunkers, trenches, machine-gun points, No man's land dotted with mines and corpses. Now it starts only on the 9th of May.