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Fortune Teller is a powerful witch, who dedicated her life to seeking hidden knowledge. Since she is known to the residents as a simple Fortune Teller, her practices aren't interesting for the Inquisition, even though are despised by god-fearing dwellers. The witch is very old, and hides her age with a spell.


  • Deck.png Deck of cave Tarot is your essential tool.
  • See the playing cards guide to learn how to use them.
  • Upon examining a card, Fortune Teller will estimate it's meaning. For example, Card.png IX - The Hermit: Meditation, Solitude, Contemplation.
  • Spread out three cards and tell your customer a story based on their meanings.
  • Do not forget to take a fee.
  • Cave Tarot differs from the classic in slightly changed Major Arcanas. You can use the real divination guides to play the Fortune Teller better.

Other Divinations

  • Sit your customer, sit in your chair in front of them and click "Divination".
  • You will see their Fate: for example, "You see the horror of the dead!" means that your customer is capable of scaring the undead away.
  • Use Divination to complete the tarot deal.
  • It is also possible to Divine by holding a person by the hand.


You are able to remove minor curses using the verb "Lift Curses".

  • If the curse is complicated, imposed by a mighty cultist, then spending a Will Point, the fortune teller can find out which Cultist has put a curse on the person through the “Remove Curse” command.
  • When the culprit is found, he should be killed, but you can do it differently: take the guilty by the hand in the presence of the cursed one, and then use the command "Remove Damage". This will dispel the curse.

Applying Curses

You too can curse people - no more than one curse per person, unless said person had audacity to break into your house.

Skull Pillar

  • You can summon the souls of the dead through the Skull Pillar and communicate with them. Wraiths may also come to you on their own and complain about their sorrowful experience.
  • It would not be wise to spread this information - you lived this long by keeping your secrets and not making any enemies.
  • By adding a new skull to the Pillar, you can acquire the gift of its owner (for example, Prophet's or Znamak's).
  • You get a WP for every new skull you add.


  • For most of your spells, the presence of the victim is not necessary. A shred of hair or a picture will do.
  • Two Vial.png love potions are in your possession. One sip, and the beloved will fall in love with your client at first sight.
  • Use a stabbing weapon to create a Charm.png Charm from the blank by carving a Sign under which your customer was born.
  • You can find a person by touching their photo.
  • Do not forget to invite customers or wait for dwellers by your open door.