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Welcome to the wiki devoted to the roleplaying project Lifeweb. The goal of this game is not to win or even to have fun: in this theater of improvisation, pain is reaped.

Русская Вики DISCORD

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Evergreen.png ATTENTION Required versions: BYOND:514.1575+, Internet Explorer 10+.
Roles - what can I become?
Ravenheart.png Ravenheart Fortress Os13.png Orbital Station 13
Migrant.png Migrants Enemy.png Antagonists

Guides - how to do, what to do
For Newcomers Interface
How to Save Lives Crafts and Labour
Cooking and Chemistry Heresy and Religion
How to Fight Game Modes
Changelog Northern Roleplay

Knowledge - what kind of world it is
World and History of XXXI century Locations
Rules? System

Xxx.png Recent articles: Alchemist (new potions), Fortune Teller, Misero, Ritual Magic of Thanati