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Welcome to the wiki devoted to the roleplaying project Lifeweb. The goal of this game is not to win or even to have fun: in this theater of improvisation, pain is reaped.

Русская Вики DISCORD

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Evergreen.png ATTENTION Required versions: BYOND:514.1568, Internet Explorer 10+.
Roles - what can I become?
Ravenheart.png Ravenheart Fortress Os13.png Orbital Station 13
Migrant.png Migrants Enemy.png Antagonists

Guides - how to do, what to do
How to Save Lives Crafts and Labour
Cooking and Chemistry Heresy and Religion
How to Fight Game Modes
Changelog Northern Roleplay

Knowledge - what kind of world it is
World and History of XXXI century Locations
Rules? System

Xxx.png Recent articles: Alchemist (new potions), Fortune Teller, Misero, Ritual Magic of Thanati