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See <B>[[Research Director]]</B>
See <B>[[Scientific Overseer]]</B>


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Cybertechnian will have to fight with their own creation - the digital guardians of the Matrix, which protect the knowledge of the Station from themself.


See Scientific Overseer


  • For the first 10-30 seconds, the active protection systems will be in sleep mode, which will allow you to orient yourself before you will be detected.
  • Entry / Exit Point. Exiting at an arbitrary point can damage the user.
  • Blue ICE. Restricts movement. LMB allows you to deactivate it.
  • Red ICE. Collision with it leads to an increase in the level of security, replacing most of the ICE in the directory with Black ICE and attracting guardians.
  • Black ICE. Dangerous static protocol. Collision with it terminates the session and causes serious damage to the user's brain.
  • Unstable Black ICE. Active at certain time periods. When activated, it blocks a portion of the directory.
  • Scanners. They move in random directions. Upon collision the session will be terminated.
  • Spores. They actively look for traces of the intruder. Upon collision the session will be terminated.
  • Cyberspace Carp. Activated at higher levels of difficulty. It has a high detection range, being able to find the hacker from long distances. Each hit increases the user's fatigue until the session is terminated.
  • Garbage Data. Slows down your movement and restricts your field of view.
  • DATA. You need to collect everything in the directory to unlock the technology.


  • ICE-Pick - removes any information in cyberspace. Not recommended to use on the Exit Point and useful data.
  • Scan - Highlights everything in the field of view.
  • Emergency Exit - Terminates the session. Use at the Exit Point.

Personal Cyberdeck

  • Located in your quarters. At such a secret facility - completely illegal.
  • In no case should you try to use it to gain unauthorized access to any station systems.