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Evergreen.png ATTENTION Differences between copper, brass and bronze are left behind. Only Copper itself is available, but the products made of it have the characteristics of the alloys - for example, copper swords will be as good as the bronze ones.
  • Place a piece of ore (or an object for melting) in the Smelter.
  • If you use the Great Smelter, you will need 4 pieces of ore.
  • Great Smelter can also produce steel (3 iron + 1 coal).
  • Activate the smelter. Either by lighting it up with any fire source, or, if it's the Great Smelter, by adding coal to the coal receiver and pulling the lever.
  • Take the resulting ingot with Tongs and warm it up in the Forge.
  • Place the ignot on the anvil with your Tongs.
  • Hit the ignot with your Hammer, to choose which object to make.
  • Notes: (2) - requires two ingots, (+STAFF) - requires a wooden staff, (+H) - requires a wooden stick.
  • Heat the ingot if it gets cold and hit it with a hammer until the object is complete.
  • After completing the product, you can improve its quality by pressing RMB on the anvil with the ingot on it and repeat the process.
  • Again take the ingot with your Tongs and cool it down by clicking on a water source (can be in a container) to get the finished product.
  • If you are a blacksmith with a specialization (for example, a Weaponsmith), you can switch between the full list of products and your specialization with MMB on the anvil. Products within the specialization have a +1 to quality.

Weapon Modifications

  • BALANCED: A small bonus to accuracy.
  • WEIGHTED: Damage bonus, increasing the delay between attacks
  • PIERCING: Bonus to armor piercing for stabs. When modified, the cutting edge is lost.
  • TRAINING: Loss of the cutting edge, reduced damage.
  • NAME: Gives the weapon a name.


  • Open the craft tab and choose something you want to craft.
  • Put the items required for it in front of you.
  • Craft the product.


  • Use LMB with your pickaxe on the rocks to dig.
  • If you feel the dirt falling on you while you dig - there is a possibility of a cave in.
  • Craft Columns to prevent cave ins.
  • Use RMB to dig a stairway leading up.
  • Use a shovel to dig down.
  • A grave, dug by a shovel, can be handled RMB with a pickaxe to create a stairway leading down.
  • Obkrisens can dig without tools.
  • The entire map of the game is divided into sections with a random set of ores and soil density.
  • Closer to the surface, digging is harder and ores are less common.
  • In some areas you can get to the aquifer by digging down.

Sending Mail

  • Click on the mailbox with a paper in your hand and enter the full name of the recipient to send the letter.
  • The recipient must have a ring issued in their name to be able to receive the letter.
  • If the recipient doesn't have a bracelet, they will not be notified of the letter or incoming package.
  • Instead of the name of the recipient, you can enter the number of the mailbox (for example, #665). The letter or package will immediately arrive there without stopping at the Sorting Center.
  • If you anonymously blackmail a person and demand a ransom, it would be wise to tell them the number of the mailbox instead of your actual name for sending money.
  • Examine the mailbox (SHIFT + LMB) to find out its number.
  • Click RMB on the mailbox to receive a letter or a package.
  • To make a package, put paper on the table, dump the items on it and click on the paper with another paper.
  • Do not send grenades via Evermail: clumsy Northerners will explode while unfolding the packages.


  • Using any blunt object, extract the seeds from the crop or spores from the mushroom by crushing them.
  • Pour the water on the cave soil to turn it into Mud. Soiler's Farm already has the land lot prepared for it.
  • Plant the seeds in the mud.
  • Examine the planting every now and then to find out if it requires more water or fertilizers.
  • Watering or fertilizing the plant will additionally give the adjacent mud tiles 50% of the water or fertilizer applied. Make use of it to sow large areas.
  • Fertilize the plant with sweet bread, spoiled food or bone meal (use bones on the Millstone to acquire some).
  • If you lack the fertilizers, try to remember where you buried your comrade's corpse. The soil around the graves will be more fertile.
  • Click LMB on the planting to harvest. The yield will depend on your Farming skill.


  • If the crop is not harvested in time, it will wither.
  • Do not trample over the plantings.
  • Grow Pigtails to get Fibers.
  • Grow Sweet Pods to get Sugar.

Breeding Animals


Don't mess with soilers!


  • Feed the arelits so that they kiss each other and lay eggs.
  • If well fed arelits aren't doing their stuff - stop looking at them! Leave the beauties alone.
  • Bring the eggs to the place where you are most comfortable to meet the newborn arelits.
  • It is known that the acquired characteristics are inherited. The offspring will adopt the characteristics of the parents, depending on how you fed them in childhood.


  • You will need the Riding skill to tame them.
  • Come closer to the arelit and hug them.
  • If the arelit doesn't see you as their master and tries to kill you, it means that your taming attempt has failed. Somebody else should tame him.
  • Whisper the new name to the arelit.


  • Lay down.
  • Drag yourself onto the arelit.
  • Onwards!

Mounted Attack

  • If you are rushing in while mounted on the arelit and in combat mode, the attack will be performed automatically. Be careful - you can injure your comrades.
  • If you have a stabbing weapon, the tile right in front of you will be attacked.
  • If you have a slashing weapon, you will attack the tile to your left or right, depending on the hand that holds the weapon.


  • Arelits can swim well. It is advised to cross the rivers on their backs.


  • Arelityonoks will grow up differently depending on the food you feed them.
  • Adult arelits are not affected by different types of food: they may just as well enjoy the potatoes.
Food Description
Potato Arelits love potatoes, hold it in your hand and press RMB on the arelit to lure him.
Carrot It will make the arelit faster.
Apple Makes the arelit tougher and harder to kill.
Pumpkin The arelit becomes evil. Not only their nature will get worse, but they will also start consuming corpses.
Lemon Affects teeth grow in a good way.
Cannabis Not recommended.
Chilli Pepper Makes arelits eager to reproduce.


  • It is well known that rats reproduce by budding.
  • To force them to reproduce, throw some food at them. They will take care of the rest themselves.
  • Sometimes, instead of reproducing, the rat will grow into a larger and infertile one. This type is suitable for skinning.

Purring Maggots

  • Cut open a friend, get rid of one of his organs and shove a living Purring Maggot into his body.
  • After waiting a little, come back and harvest the maggots.
  • Squeeze the maggots into buckets to get Milk and cook the Cheese out of it.


  • Put a worm on the fishing rod.
  • Fish.


Characters with the appropriate skills (for example, Hump and a Migrant-Stone carver) can create statues.

  1. Create a stone block.
  2. Take the Chisel in one hand, and the Mason's Hammer in the other.
  3. Click the chisel on the stone block to select the type of a statue. If there are other characters nearby, you can depict them.
  4. Write a cool description.
  5. Keep clicking the chisel on the Block until the statue is complete.


On a canvas

  1. Use the brush on the Palette to select a color.
  2. Draw with a brush on the canvas.
  3. Click on the drawing with a free hand to finish and sign it.
  4. Use the frame to hang the masterpiece on the wall.
This is what real art looks like!

On a sketch paper

  1. Craft sketch paper from a simple paper.
  2. Use a pen or the Cave pencil to draw a sketch.


You will need a needle, ink and a finished sketch. If the ink is not available, you can make it in a mortar (any mushroom + charcoal), or you can dip the needle on a pen.

  1. Undress the customer.
  2. Take the ink covered needle in one hand, and your sketch in the other hand.
  3. Turn the customer to the front or back. In these lands, tattooing is usually done only on the stomach or on the back.
  4. Click on the customer with the needle to start the tattooing process.
  5. Wash the resulting tattoo with alcohol to avoid inflammation.

Smoothing the walls

After the room is dug out in the rocks, the walls can be smoothed with a Chisel.

Engraving the walls

While holding the sketch in one hand, click on the smoothed walls with a Chisel to engrave the walls with a drawing.