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New Recipes

These include: onion rings, french fries, cutlets, stuffed plump helmets, scrambled eggs, baklava, borscht, sandwiches, vinaigrette, mashed potatoes, etc.

To cook one of the new dishes:

  • Click the Craft tab.
  • Select "Cooking".
  • The list of recipes will open - the better your Cooking skill, the more recipes will be available.
  • Put a frying pan or a pot with water on the hearth (if required by the recipe).
  • Place ingredients (and salt, if required by the recipe) on the table next to the hearth.
  • Click on the name of the recipe to begin the culinary transformation.
  • Do not forget to cut a slice of butter before the process.


  • Apply the following recipes to the oven.
Yummy Recipe
Pie 2x Dough + 1x Butter Slice + 2x Different Ingredients
Fish Sticks 1х Fish + 1х Flour
Plump Helmet Cake 3x Plump Helmets, 1х Honeycomb
Honey Maggot 1х Purring Maggot, 1х Honeycomb
Crackers 1х Dough slice
Sweet Apple 1x Apple, 1x Sugar
Buns 1x Dough
Ratburger 1x Rat, 1x Bun
Cheeseratburger 1x Rat, 1x Bun, 1x Cheese Slice
Flatbread 1x Flatdough
Bread 1x Flour, 1x Egg
Cake 2x Flatdough, 1x Candy, OR 1x Honeycomb/Sugar + 1x Lemon/Orange/Carrot
Omelette 2x Eggs
Fries 1x Chopped Potato
Cutlet 1x Cut Meat
Sausages 1x Fried Meat, 1x Guts
Shawarmas 1x Flatbread, 1x Rat, 1x Cabbage
Baked potato 1x Potato
Pancakes 1x Dough, 1x Butter Slice


Valuable Recepie
Salt Grind Zheleznyak
Pepper Grind Korpniy
Cheese Boil otorvyannik juice with milk (at least 1 mug of milk)
Fat Cut open an animal or slice the limbs
Salo Combine Fat and Pepper
Soap Boil fat with ashes


You will see the medicine recipes by examining the chemical equipment.


See Alchemist to find all known recipes.


The medicine is produced in the Chemfabricatior - power it up and choose the needed drug from the list. The Medical officer can find out the purpose of the new chemicals by using his visor.