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Everything that is used for the survival of humanity is good.
Any help given to a person which facilitates his life is good.
Any harm to his body is absolute evil.

I live only to serve

The prophet is a perfect servant, for it is part of his faith. As a follower of Cons Cult, he is happy to help people who are pieces of God. He is not embarrassed by dirty or hard work, because he sees the future and knows that all this is not in vain.

He denies violence, and simply cannot harm a living creature. The beasts feel it, and do not show aggression towards the Prophet.

illuminating the darkness

Many inhabitants of the fortress will look down upon him. A kind and humble volunteer servant mumbling about good and salvation - what can be special about him?

But they will speak differently when they see his true power - the denial of death. One touch will revive a dead man, filling him with Cons’ power and wisdom.


You shouldn't expect that the dead raised by you immediately change internally. Your Miracle will not allow their bodies to return to their evil old habits, but it will take time and a lot of sermons before the converted one takes the path of goodness. In the first hours of the resurrection, the person will need your help and the help of his relatives to extinguish the craving for revenge or suicide.