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Crew management

  • At the beginning of the shift, assemble the crew on the Bridge and conduct a briefing. Be sure to notify them that the Traitor is operating on the station.
  • Prevent any conflicts, dissatisfaction and obscene language from happening.
  • Notify the Scientific Overseer about the prioritized technologies for the shift.
  • In case your orders are ignored, feel free to use the Personality Refragmentator.

Main Console

  • General Report: receive the general report of the Station's condition.
  • Today Reports: receive duplicated messages of the automatic systems.
  • Toggle Shields: enable the shields. Don't forget to warn the crew: it's forbidden to be in the maintenance tunnels when the shields are being turned on.
  • Select Shields: choose the direction of the shields. Conventionally, "North" is the Bridge and "South" is the Cargo Department. Use "360" if you are not sure about the direction of the meteorite impact. However, it will consume more energy.
  • Cargo Airlock: restrict access to the Cargo Department.
  • Approved Documents List: receive the list of important documents and their locations. It is extremely important for the investigation.
  • Erase Approved Documents List: erase the list of documents.
  • Launch Lifeboat: launches the single-seat emergency lifeboat. If more than one person is on board, the launch will be canceled.
  • Disable Lifeboat Cancellation: hidden command. It is only available to the Traitor who completed their tasks. It makes it impossible to cancel the launch of the lifeboat from the Bridge.
  • Salvage Coordinates: prohibits or allows access of the Scout to the coordinates of the wrecked TNC ships. You will have to decide whether or not to send the Pilot to these missions.
  • Toggle Remote Control: regulates the remote control of the Bridge via RemCom. Available after the extraction of this technology.
  • Turn On the Defences: enables the automatic Station protection system if it has been disabled by unauthorized personnel.


  • Radar Post is located next to the Bridge. Use it to know in advance about the approach of meteoric waves and their direction. Also used to scan space ships within the range of sensors.
  • In addition to the Main Computer, there are several consoles on the Bridge that display the information about the condition of the station.
  • Communications - the compartment that provides long-distance communication. Use it to communicate with Pilot. The emergency hatch that opens after the alarm is announced can be found here.
  • Keycards Issue - the keycards are located here, they are necessary for the crew to work.


Rank Access
Scientific Overseer Laboratories
Cybertechnician Laboratories
Logistics Officer Cargo Department
Chief Engineer Technical Department
Engineer Technical Department
Geneticist Medical Department
Medical Officer Medical Department
Psionic-Counselor Medical Department
Cadet Bridge (if you trust them)
Marshal Intensecure
Pilot Intensecure