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Bishop is the highest representative of the Church in the Ravenheart Fortress.


  • Command the Inquisitor. Do not let him forget that he is not the boss here.
  • Don't let your idle hands kill you - most often the need for the Bishop appears near the end of the round (invasion of the dead, coronation, etc.).
  • Check the confessional machine - sometimes you can withdraw the coins donated by sinners.

Knife Prayer

Complete this ritual to weaken the heretics, take the Warlock's wiles away from the Fortress and to save the caves from the walking dead.

  • Gather the flock in the Church (at least five people shall be present). Announce a Gathering if necessary.
  • Give out stabbing or cutting objects to people.
  • Every present christian shall stab their hand.
  • Yell, "God save us!".
  • The flock must reply in chorus: "God be saved!".
  • Continue to bleed and scream at each other until the ritual is complete.


  • If there are heretics in the Church, you will not be able to complete the ritual.


Holy Water

Click on a water container with the Censer to sanctify it. Holy water protects from evil spirits and restores stamina.


Click on a person with the Bible. This will raise their spirits and increases their chances of survival (+3 to Dodge).


You can sanctify household items with a censer as well. This may protect them from some curses.

Rewarding the Inquisitor

Don't use it before the Inquisitor finishes all the tasks you've given to him.


Distances the sinner from the church forever, turning all god-fearing christians against them.


Not as cruel as the excommunication, allows the sinner to spiritually heal, after completing the redeeming deed.


For my flesh is truly food! Take a slice of your own flesh. Use the "Participle" ability from the tab of holy deeds. Sanctified flesh of the Priest increases the Strength and Endurance of the partake and poisons the heretics if eaten.

Declare a Gathering

Residents of the Fortress, who usually hide in the corners, love to gather in one place. Use this ability to invite all of the Ravenheartians to the Church: what's the point in a wedding or a coronation without any witnesses? The Inquisition should take care of those who aren't coming.


  • Only possible in the Church or in the Throne Room.
  • Cover your hands in blood.
  • Put the crown on the future ruler.
  • Stand right in front of them and use this ability.
  • You will be asked to say nice words. After announcing them, you will anoint the new Baron, blazing their forehead with a bloody cross.
  • Celebrate!


  • Only possible in the Church.
  • Place the groom in front of you and move him to the right.
  • Place the bride in front of you and move her to the left.
  • Use this ability to solicit their consent.
  • Celebrate!