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You - are the most important, the most powerful, the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the richest and the most important person in the Ravenheart fortress.

Your task is to keep the power in your hands, at any cost! You are free in your decisions, you have the right to give orders to anyone in this fortress, to throw them into caves full of monsters, or to make them rich for good service or a well-sung ballad.

Take your place on the Raven Throne and rule, my Baron. The fate of every living thing in this fortress depends on you!

Hardships of Ruling

• Remember - you are in charge. No one has the right to doubt the words of a Baron or refuse to carry out his order. Put the rebels in shackles, heretics into fire, evil spirits - to church.

• Baron is a bad fighter. He's a noble with blue blood running through his veins, without a single blister on his palms, whether they are from the sword or a hammer. Do not let the protection leave you, and your life will become much easier and safer.

• Do not forget to give orders, without them people will idle, and idleness is a dangerous thing. Make the esculap and the serpents cook medicinal potions, make servants to light up all the torches in the fortress and cook some food for lunch, order cerberii to patrol the fortress and to watch the wall.

• Remember that you have a Hand at hand. Do not neglect his advice and help.

• In the dark, people must believe in the salvation of the soul. Remember to pray regularly and call everyone to church to ask for forgiveness. It’s better to fill your subjects' heads with such nonsense than with news of another torn-up corpse at the Gate.

• Family is a holy cause! Take care of your faithful wife and obedient descendant. After all, someone else will have to take a seat on the throne, when an old woman with a scythe overtakes you. You do not want your jester to come after you, do you?

• Speaking of jesters. Do not allow everyone to rough your jester too much. This can only be done by you.


  • Type "sethand" into the F11 window, to choose your Hand. The player you choose should also enter "brohand" to give consent.
  • Click on "Aspects", and you will get 3 random aspects. If you get the role of the Baron, one of the aspects will set special conditions for the round.

Your Fortress

Modern, with electric lighting, its own power generator and well-established commercial communication with the proud Blackstone. The only negative side of that - you have a lot of envious people around!


  • Do not be afraid to play this role, even if you do not know the game thoroughly. Compensate for this by asking the confidants for advice and use them to your needs — and you will be a good master.
  • :s at the beginning of the phrase - speak to the Guard channel. These include Censor, Cerberus, Sheriff and the Incarn.
  • :z at the beginning of a phrase - speak to the Servant channel These include the Baroness, Servants, the Sitzfrau, the Butler and the Meister.
  • Click LAW.png The Scepter of the Law at presumptuous Cerberii or anyone else who wears a cerberii helmet. This will leave them in somewhat of a shock.

Sit down! Raven Throne

  • To use it, sit on the throne and press the button with the golden crown on the right Outer Panel.
  • No one, except the Hand, can use the throne even if they stole the crown. A coronation must take place.
Decree Effect Advice
EMERGENCY! The siren howls, putting the whole Fortress on the ears. Meister has the opportunity to activate electroshock implants in registered migrants. Anyone will be able to open emergency lockers.
BATTLE ALARM! Opens a large arsenal containing the entire stock of your combat weapons. Apply in case of the external threat. The weapons become available to all of your subjects.
Suppress the Revolution The rings' access of the Fortress inhabitants, except for your relatives and guards, will be canceled. Opens the Small arsenal in Cerberon.
Pit Decree! Opens the pits in the Throne room. The one that is right infront of the room leads to your personal Graga. She does not mind eating traitors. Innocent people will fall into it the most.
Fighting crime
Arrest Decree It is required to enter the name of the Criminal. The victim must be registered. Replaces the designation in the radio with [Criminal] and deprives their ring from access. Provokes your subjects to arrest the victim.
Execution Decree Like the previous one, but notifies that the criminal can be killed on the spot. Think about the element of surprise. If the scourge does not know that they were revealed, it will be easier for the Guards to catch them.
Meeting Decree Convocation of the noble gentlemen to the Throne room. The most common function of it is to find out which one of these gentlemen is not coming, and repress them for disrespect.
Make a Decree Announce your will! Residents that slept through it will see the decree at terminals. The ridiculous and inhuman decrees will remind your subjects about the world they live in.
Tax Decree The default tax is 13%. Can be set in the range from 0 to 100%. Affects the prices of imports and exports of merchants, the cost of goods in vending machines and commstations. All received funds automatically go to the treasury. High values will stop the trade - and perhaps your life.
Weapons Decree By default: PERMITTED. Prohibits the purchase of weapons by the pusher and through the commstations. You can still buy it - but via bypassing the law, for an increased price. In this case, the taxes won't add to the treasury. Usually, free sale of military weapons to cultists, burglars and drug addicts ends badly.
Drugs Decree By default: PERMITTED. Prohibits the purchase of psychoactive substances by the Pusher and through the commstations. You can still buy them - but via bypassing the law, for an increased price. In this case, the taxes won't add to the treasury. The Church will be pleased to see this.
Energy Decree Energy will come from the outside, draining your treasury.
Migrants Decree By default: BURN. Prohibits Incarn to pull his favorite lever, dunking guests of the Fortress in magma. It is advised to forbid burning if your Incarn shows signs of misanthropy. It will also reassure fearful migrants.
Expand the Power of the Church Gives +10 Supply Points to the Church and extends their access. The Inquisitor is not under your control and will not obey you. But, by promising him this award, you can achieve his service.
Choose your Hand If you did not choose the Hand before the game, you can do it now. The selected person will have access to the entire Fortress and a bonus to all attributes from inspiration (does not work for the Censor), and will also be able to use your Throne without coronation. This is a great reward - the lucky one becomes almost as powerful as the Baron himself. Encourage outstanding managers with this.
Reward Decree Gives the order to the blacksmiths to make a gold medal for the hero of the Fortress. Instantly gives +3 WP to the rewarded. If you personally put it on the lucky guy, he will get +2 CHR. For special merits for the Fortress.
Appointment Decree The appointee must stand in front of the Throne and have a ring. Reassigning churchmen is prohibited. Appointing churchmen and Merchants is also not in your hands. If you suddenly change your mind - just open the pits.
Cargo Decree Only for the "King's Will" mode. The Merchant's train is redirected and, in case of success, your victory is announced.
Send for Migrant There are situations when there is a question of life and death - for example, you are very sad without a beautiful statue depicting your beauty, and you need to summon a Mason. Choose a messenger from the characters next to you. The messenger will receive the task and will be able to fulfill it by going out into the caves and reaching one of the ends of the road. Players in the lobby and ghosts will have the opportunity to choose the required migrant.