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How To Be a Villain

  • The villain's role is important! You create tension, suspense and impact for all the other players.
  • Prepare yourself: create hideouts, search for weapons, find allies. Make a plan and try to foresee surprises.
  • Best timing (in the fortress) is preparation for 30-40 minutes, then active actions.
The round will come out boring - and you'll be the main reason of it if:
  • You don't do anything, making it look like the villain doesn't exist!
  • You, on the contrary, act too openly. If you are a super-lucky legendary player, the fortress will die out in the first five minutes from aggressive play. If not, five minutes later the villain will cease its existence.


Count the Conqueror

Count the Conqueror (author: Enclave)

The Letter

The Count is not just some sort of brigand. Before assaulting the fortress, he is obligated to send a letter to the Baron with his official claims to his possessions.

  • For sending it is important to get the right moment: try to get out after the guys in the fortress stab each other a few times, but before the same massacre happens in the siege camp.


The count has 30 points of reinforcements. Once they are all spent, the Count loses. You can regain spent points by recruiting the inhabitants of the fortress, however. If you manage to recruit the Baroness, you will get a bonus if you manage to achieve victory.

  • Infantry: Swordsmen, Spearmen, etc. The basis of your army. Effective in close combat, but can't do much if they suddenly become the targets of ranged target practice.
  • Riflemen: mostly armed with cheap Princess rifles. Can cause serious damage to an armored opponent.
  • Scouts: Archers and Scouts. They can leave the camp before the Count’s claim is sent. Their primary tasks are to scope out the surroundings of Ravenheart, cover the engineers and even stealthily infiltrate the fortress.
  • Builders: Miners and Engineers. Like Scouts, they can leave the camp before the Count’s claim is sent to Ravenheart. Without them, it is far more difficult to get through the walls.
  • Healers: Will try to save you and your people from death.
  • Support: Alchemists, Blacksmiths, Cooks, Peasants, Traders. These troops are typically non-combatants that help the army from behind your lines.


The Count may have accomplices in the fortress belonging to the cult of Thanati. Try to contact them, so that they can open the gates for you.

Conditions of victory

The Count must sit on the Raven Throne surrounded by his people. If the Throne is destroyed by an explosion, make a wooden chair in the Throne Room - it will replace it.


Slavers, launching their raids from the sky base known as the Hive. Conduct an invasion of Evergreen, using your superior technology. Instructions:

  • Take the slaves!
  • Listen to Bashar, poke around the Eunuch.

• Try not to spoil the goods. Fractures and other such injuries reduce a slave’s price, and open bleeding will prevent selling entirely. • If possible, move in groups. Soulbreaker armor is incredibly durable, though a single slaver can still be crushed by a swarm of people. • Your collars almost completely paralyze the victim. Use the console on the Sky Base to teleport the prisoners to the Hive. • If there is time, morally destroy the slave before selling them.


You are fed up with the baron. Cultists have chosen the right moment to promise you gold.


  • Strangle your master without witnesses and put his ring in your pocket - the reward will be yours.
  • If an interesting round interests you more than a reward, try to arrange petty dirty tricks that'll remind everyone that there is a traitor in the ranks... then substitute your colleague and watch how he is executed.


The nobles of Ravenheart have grown discontent with the Baron and have decided that his reign must come to an end. Together, they must unite to overthrow this terrible tyrant and take the crown for themselves… though only one can wear the Raven Crown. Blood will be spilt this day.


  • Scourge intrigues, think through plans, backstab.

Gamemode description:

  • Only the nobles of Ravenheart (the Baron’s family and his associates) can participate in the organization of the plot. Smerds are neither smart enough or courageous enough for such endeavours.
  • The conspirators know each other and are united by a common goal - to overthrow the tyrant. However, whoever sits on the Raven Throne is a matter to be solved.
  • He who seizes control of the fortress will be rewarded at the end of the round. (11 CH.)
  • The noble who manage seize control of Ravenheart can declare one or two other conspirators as accomplices, sharing the reign and a reward with them (5 CH will be deducted in favor of each accomplice).
  • After the fortress has been seized, all other conspirators, not declared accomplices, must die.
  • Conspirators can recruit smerds as their Supporters. If a Supporter’s lord manages to secure victory, each of them will receive 1 CH.
  • To claim the throne for themselves, one must undergo a coronation to make their rule both just and official. If the Bishop seizes the Throne, he will only need to wait for all members of the Baron's dynasty to die.
  • If an official coronation is impossible, sit on the Throne with the crown on your head, in the presence of at least three of your Supporters.


  • Use Return of the Crown on the Meister's Terminal if the Baron managed to die somewhere far away.
  • This mode does not provide you with the option of a peaceful victory. The round will only end in the Baron’s favor if all the conspirators are dead, so there is no sense to go and surrender to his mercy.
  • This mode requires at least three conspirators. In the event that they are not present, the players who did not toggle the option "Be Antagonist" can also get into the plot.


The Old Union is long defeated, its red terror is forgotten. But there are rumors that the samples of ancient propaganda devices taken from the ruins can still be found among collectors. What could happen if this device managed to fall into the wrong hands?


A gorgeous gentleman from the capital has come to inspect the well-being of Ravenheart!

  • Defenseless and gentle, but is accompanied by two black Ordinators who won't let anyone offend him.
  • You must make your way inside the fortress, record any violations you see, have a dinner before the road, and then leave.
  • Violations are recorded by inserting photos taken of them into the Tablet.
  • It is also necessary to select three people who will be awarded for their diligence, and one culprit of the violations. All four must be living inhabitants of the fortress, that are still alive at the time of your departure!
  • If you collect too many violations or insult the hospitality of the Ravenhearters, you most likely won't leave the fortress alive.


Shadows come to life, the shadows of people killed by you. The walls shift, the walls scream, the walls say strange things.

Something just isn't right. Truth glows in the beating hearts of fake people, and you will find it, building images of your visions from flesh and bones..


  • Create Masterpieces from bodyparts.
  • Visions can knock you off your feet. Be careful.
  • Do not kill everybody at once. Someone has to see your creations.
  • The witness of creation knows the key to the truth. Kill him, cut out his heart and examine it.
  • Add the sum of hearts and write it down to find out the truth.


  • In pursuit of victory, do not forget to give players the experience of a serial killer story. Your maniac shall be remembered.

Tribunal Ordinators

Elite fighters who report personally to the King. They participate in various operations on the God-King’s command, sometimes involving the annihilation of the entirety of Ravenheart.

Tribunal Squad visiting the Baron


Brotherhood of Feel

Cultist-Monks who occupy the monastery deep in the wilderness. They believe that since God is all-empathic, the duty of his children is to get high, and therefore force random travelers to use euphoric drugs. According to whispered rumors, they are pawns of the Cult of Bacchus.


A secret community, fighting for the superiority of women by any means. Closely associated with the cult of Thanati.


They love violence, money and lawlessness, so they will easily find a common language with the Ravenhearters.


An undefeated mercenary, heading towards the Wurmingstein for somebody's head.


A robe, a magic hat and the certainty that in his magical hands lies the whole universe. Is he as strong as he believes?


As you gut a wild creature you can find some can get strange organs. Sticking them into a human body expands its capabilities. The church considers such changes of the body to be a sin against humanity, and for good reason. Such a gift quickly damages not only the genome, but also the mind of the carrier, corrupting it even faster than power does. In the past, such transformations led to the death of many innocents ... and much worse tragedies. Mutated organisms are called chimeras, and must be destroyed.


Almost got through!

Former people turned into slaves by Puppetmasters - immobile creatures, the original inhabitants of Evergreen, who want to get rid of the invaders. It is known that zialcin is extracted from the Skinless' Brains - an indispensable ingredient in the elixir of immortality.

  • Heads of the skinless are highly valued: some traders can give up to 100 obols for them.
  • Capable of seeing in the dark, with the ability ‘Eyes of the Caves’.
  • Are able to determine the direction to the nearest living person, with the ability ‘Find the Skin’.
  • Do not know how to put on clothes.
  • Can communicate with each other.
  • You can become a skinless in two ways: either using the wraith option ’Become an ambusher’, or waiting for the Horde.


A random event occurs in about a quarter of a round.

  • Wraiths get the opportunity to return to the game lobby.
  • The only available fate for a time becomes the Skinless or Skeleton.
  • Horde flocks from different points of the map, conquering the caves.
  • Breaking the fortress’ gates is only possible after everybody in the caves is dead.



The souls of characters slain during the story, wandering around before they find peace.


Wraiths collect Pain from dying characters. To do this, you need to stand right on top of the body of a person at the time of their death.


The characters who died in the Ravenheart's Dungeons will be imprisoned there for eternity. Any Wraith trying to escape the Dungeons will be returned back again and again to the place of death. Try not to die.


Ones who didn't find peace, they scream and bite, turning the living into friends that spread their plague further.


Old zombies that decomposed to the bones.


Secret masters of the human race, relying on secrecy and centuries-old wisdom.

  • Afraid of silver and fire.
  • Are not afraid of garlic, crucifixes, running water, going in without an invitation.
  • Lose strength while in the Church.
  • Cannot exist in Skeptical locations.
  • Turn to ash under the warm rays of Zoitse on the surface.
  • Can lose humanity if people die from their hands or their actions.
  • Can go crazy, either by losing too much Humanity or from hunger.
  • After exposing your fangs, bite the victim (BITE + MMB) and press SUCK to suck the blood.
  • In the same way can suck animals' blood.
  • If you lose your teeth, you're screwed. You can still feed, however - ask a mortal friend to cut his hand and hold your mouth.
Ability Result
Expose fangs Necessary for feeding and intimidation
Dead Eyes Lets you see in the dark. In this case, the whites of your eyes turn black, and others may suspect that it's time to poke you with a stake. Also helps to see ghosts and communicate with them.
Embrace Requires a dried mortal. Get yourself to bleed and use this ability to pour a few drops of your blood into the dead person's mouth. Bury them in the ground for best result. After a while he will come back to life, becoming Cursed aswell.
Discipline Result
Celerety Gives the vampire a supernatural speed for a short while.
Grip of Mercy Deprives mortals from pain.
Fortitude Allows you to withstand mighty strikes and bullet wounds.
Blood Strength Increases strength and agility. Allows you to jump on an upper floor.
Regeneration Heals all your wounds, except for burns.

Alien Organisms

In most situations, mere mortals would have no real knowledge about such exotic creatures as these. For example, the message "There's a bum with tentacles in the smithy!" will be as clear as "There's a THEY in the smithy!", but unlike the latter he will not harm the atmosphere.


  • One of the most dangerous creatures in the game. It is not recommended to disclose your nature: by uniting against a common enemy, people are capable of overcoming even the most threatening obstacles!

Ability Effect
Extend Tentacles So long and beautiful. You have to extend them before causing troubles. Extended tentacles also allow you to jump to an upper floor.
Regeneration Got your head chopped off? No problem. This ability completely restores your shell. Doesn't work while in combat form.
Hunt Lets you see in the dark and through walls.
Assimilate Grab somebody while your tentacles are out and use this ability to make a cocoon out of him. Soon, one of you will climb out of it.
Destroy the Light A terrible laugh is heard, as all the light bulbs around you break, allowing you to escape.
Evil Form Tough, murderous, can break walls. Disadvantage: too complicated to Regenerate it.
Form a Collective In order for this to happen, nine parts of the Whole need to gather in one place, get rid of clothes and grab each other, releasing the tentacles.
  • Do not show who you truly are without a real need. Do not regenerate with witnesses around.
  • The fire will easily destroy you. Fear it like the magma.
  • The flesh is weak, and yours is even weaker. In an honest battle, an experienced warrior will easily defeat you.
  • Use whispers (+hello) so that other parts of the Society hear you.
  • If people found out about other parts of the Society, and not you in particular - use it to misinform hunters, pointing out false targets and setting them aganist each other.


Despite its "alienation", the main motivation of this organism, like any other, is the continuation of the genus, and not just thirst for murder.

First stage

Facehugger. Not controlled by the player. This arachnid-like lifeform wraps its claws around a victim's head and infects their insides.

Attempting to kill the facehugger by damaging it may lead to depressurization; the blood of this creature melts through walls and floors, and even the flesh of those it attaches to!

Second stage

Larva, Chestburster, grows like a tumor on the host’s organs. Once it has properly formed, it gnaws its way outside of the torso in an explosion of gore (in such situations, press RESIST)!

Unlike the facehugger, the chestburster is completely helpless. Its only useful ability is the ability to move through the ventilation shafts of the station. To do so, you must be standing on a tile with a vent.

Adult Species

Durable, tenacious, deadly. This creature in an apex predator, it will encounter experienced fighters who are armed enough to fight back.

An effective strategy at the station is a sudden attack on the remaining individuals and a quick retreat to the maintenance shafts. It will help to enjoy the created tension, and put psychological pressure on future victims.


Possible with JUMP+MMB. Colliding with a person knocks them down and automatically grabs them.

Tail Blow

Possible with STAB+MMB. Despite the fact that the victim is injured, a chemical that gets into the bloodstream slows down blood loss, causes weakness and drowsiness. Such an attack, if done properly, is suitable for fertilization, if there is a ready egg nearby.


Possible by grabbing GRAB a stunned person, then clicking them on the nearest wall to firmly attach them to it. It will spread Slime aswell.


  • You can place eggs on surfaces covered with slime.
  • Slime constantly spreads, covering the floor, the equipment, while breaking down the lamps and forcing open the doors.
  • The Alien can hide HIDE on the slime in his Lair, like he can in the darkness.

Forming the Egg

Evergreen.png AWESOME We ignore the life cycle shown in the "Aliens", which includes the Queen, and reduces aliens to large insects. But the classical eggmorphing (morphing another organism into Alien's egg) would be a step on THEY's territory.

The Alien recycles the devoured flesh into eggs. Use bite BITE+MMB on parts of the human body to devour them. It will be more economical to use corpses: there are not so many living people on the Station.

In order to lay an egg, stand on the Slime and click on the flashing indicator Egg.png.

The egg will hatch when a suitiable carrier is nearby.

Acid instead of the blood

Unlike the initial stage of the body, the blood of an adult is not as dangerous to the environment. However, deadly burns are guaranteed, which can be used as an advantage.

Other features

  • Doesn't need oxygen to survive.
  • Has no means of communication, even with other Aliens. You will have to understand each other without words