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How To Be a Villain

  • The villain's role is important! You create tension, suspense and impact for all the other players.
  • Prepare yourself: create hideouts, search for weapons, find allies. Make a plan and try to foresee surprises.
  • Best timing (in the fortress) is preparation for 30-40 minutes, then active actions.
The round will come out boring - and you'll be the main reason of it if:
  • You don't do anything, making it look like the villain doesn't exist!
  • You, on the contrary, act too openly. If you are a super-lucky legendary player, the fortress will die out in the first five minutes from aggressive play. If not, five minutes later the villain will cease its existence.


Count the Conqueror

Count the Conqueror (author: Enclave)

The Letter

The Count is not just some sort of brigand. Before assaulting the fortress, he is obligated to send a letter to the Baron with his official claims to his possessions.

  • For sending it is important to get the right moment: try to get out after the guys in the fortress stab each other a few times, but before the same massacre happens in the siege camp.

Conditions of victory

The Count must sit on the Raven Throne surrounded by his people. If the Throne is destroyed by an explosion, make a wooden chair in the Throne Room - it will replace it.

IDEAL: if the Baroness enters the Count's service, he'll recieve an additional reward.


Slavers, launching their raids from the sky base known as the Hive. Conduct an invasion of Evergreen, using your superior technology. Instructions:

  • Take the slaves!
  • Listen to Bashar, poke around the Eunuch.

• Try not to spoil the goods. Fractures and other such injuries reduce a slave’s price, and open bleeding will prevent selling entirely. • If possible, move in groups. Soulbreaker armor is incredibly durable, though a single slaver can still be crushed by a swarm of people. • Your collars almost completely paralyze the victim. Use the console on the Sky Base to teleport the prisoners to the Hive. • If there is time, morally destroy the slave before selling them.

IDEAL: morally destroy the slaves with abusive words and brainwashing (if the Slave cries before he's sold, his price will rise)


You are fed up with the baron. Cultists have chosen the right moment to promise you gold. Strangle your lord without any witnesses and hide his ring into your pocket, that way the reward will be yours.

IDEAL: set someone up.


A gorgeous gentleman from the capital has come to inspect the well-being of Ravenheart!

  • Defenseless and gentle, but is accompanied by two black Ordinators who won't let anyone offend him.
  • You must make your way inside the fortress, record any violations you see, have a dinner before the road, and then leave.
  • Violations are recorded by inserting photos taken of them into the Tablet.
  • It is also necessary to one person who will be awarded for their diligence, and one culprit of the violations. They must be living inhabitants of the fortress, that are still alive at the time of your departure!
  • If you collect too many violations or insult the hospitality of the Ravenhearters, you most likely won't leave the fortress alive.

IDEAL: make people pamper you, whine and slam your feet down if something's not working out like you want it to


Shadows come to life, the shadows of people killed by you. The walls shift, the walls scream, the walls say strange things. Nothing is right and something is wrong. The truth blazes in the hearts of the fake people, and you will find it, making images from your visions with flesh and bone.

IDEAL: a good serial killer doesn't get caught, but his infamy is blaring thoughout the fortress.

Tribunal Ordinators

Elite fighters who report personally to the King. They participate in various operations on the God-King’s command, sometimes involving the annihilation of the entirety of Ravenheart.

IDEAL: keep up your miliatry bearing and demand proper discipline from your subordinates. Set your tactical beast free.


They almost broke inside!

People in the past, turned into slaves by the Puppeteers - immobile creatures, that were the initial Evergreen dwellers, that want to spare the planet from the invaders. It is known that the brain of the Skinless is used to produce Zialcin, an irreplaceable ingredient for the immortality elixir.

  • Heads of the Skinless are valuable, some traders are going to offer up to a 100 obols for one.
  • They're able to see in the dark: "Cave Eyes" option.
  • They're able to determine the direction towards the nearest living human: "Smell Skin" option.
  • They don't wear clothing - it's just like second skin.
  • Can communicate between each other.



The souls of characters slain during the story, wandering around before they find peace.


Wraiths collect Angst from dying characters. To do this, you need to stand right on top of the body of a person at the time of their death.


Ones who didn't find peace, they are very charismatic, it only takes a couple of bites to take their old friends back to their side.


  • Knowing about them is forbidden. Such superstitions are bordering with blasphemy.
  • Afraid of silver and fire.
  • Are not afraid of garlic, crucifixes, running water, going in without an invitation.
  • Turn to ash under the warm rays of Zoitse on the surface.
  • Can lose humanity if people die from their hands or their actions.
  • Can go crazy, either by losing too much Humanity or from hunger.
  • After exposing your fangs, bite the victim (BITE + MMB) and press SUCK to suck the blood.
  • In the same way can suck animals' blood.
  • If you lose your teeth, you're screwed. You can still feed, however - ask a mortal friend to cut his hand and hold your mouth.
  • Don't Embrace anyone. You wouldn't want to spread the curse further, right?