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Potion Recipe Effect
Cave Wine 3х Plump Helmets Disinfects wounds. Znamak requires it to perform wonders, everyone else would likely need it to endure the tough day.
Grey Honey 1х Honeycomb, 1х Ashes, boiled. Cures poisoning.
Love Potion 2x Zhelezniak, 1x Bezglaznik Those brave enough to take a sip will fall in love with the first person they see.
Bridge of the True Faith 2x Ovrazhnik, 1x Otorvyannik Allows you to step over the pits.
Voice of Thunder 1x Slezyak, 1x Zelegrib, 1x Korpny Your voice will be heard throughout the entire North.
Wife's Silence 1х Slezyak, 1х Korpny You will only be heard by yourself.
Hero's Drops 2х Gryab, 1х Zheleznyak You will be tireless in bed.
Tears of Loyalty 1х Gryab, 2х Zheleznyak Deprives a male from sexual capabilities up until he drinks Hero's Drops.
Curiousity 1х Slezyak, 1х Otorvyannik Grants +5 to training rolls. Removes IN penalty from getting tired.
Smile of the Savior 2х Slezyak, 1х Ovrazhnik Won't let you fall for their ambushes.
Adventurer's Lesson 1х Gryab, 1х Otorvyannik Wounds and brunts won't slow you down. Take with tea.
Potion of Tamed Hand 3х Podgnylnik Makes you ambidextrous.
Tricky Duel 2х Plumphelmets, 1х Podgnylnik Characters who drank this potion will receive penalties to DX and movement after using Combat Mode.
Flaying Potion 2х Barkhovik, 1х Ljutogrib Causes the skin to slip off your body.
Jester's Illness 1х Barkhovik, 1х Ljutogrib Сauses the skin to acquire an unnatural color.
Sorokoputka 2х Ljutogrib, 1х Podgnilnik All melee attacks will be returned to your enemy, bypassing their armor.
Toothless 1х Ljutogrib, 2х Podgnylnik Causes the character to lose teeth after taking this potion.
Dream Beauties 1х Barkhovik, 1х Zheleznyak, 1х Korpny The subject falls asleep, you can't feel their pulse. They can only be woken up with a kiss.
Berserker's Sweat 3х Bezglaznik Cave Buffout, right from the soil.
Cain's Forgiveness 3х Ljutogrib Mix with human blood to revoke the Curse.
Sparkling Juice 2х Otorvyannik, 1х Ljutogrib A sip will be enough for you to gleam. Essential for surviving without any torches.
Juice of the Night Boil Sparkling Juice with Jester's Illness after adding water. Allows you to see in the dark.
Rotcleaner 2x Barkhovik, 1х Krovnik Helps with necrosis, can be applied locally.
Potion of Dead Memory 1x Zelegrib, 2х Bezglaznik Forces you to forget about the horrors of the past night. It has a chance to deprive the character of his vice, but it can also have a negative effect.
Potion of Impossible Targets 2x Zelegrib, 1х Krovnik The right potion if you want neither bullets nor arrows to ever catch you.
Potion of Flawless Skin 1х Bezglaznik, 1х Korpny, 1х Podgnilnik Makes your skin so dense it may even replace the armor, but not for long.
Potion of the Luxuriant Mane 2х Slezyak Your lost hair will grow back.
Potion of Continuous Mind 1х Zheleznyak, 2x Krovnik UNKNOWN
Powder 2х Gryab, 1х Coal Use it to craft grenades and charge the muskets.