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Geschef - a talented businessman, the main exporter of Ravenheart.

Quick summary

It all turned out well:

  • The small factory, assembled from old technology, works efficiently and never breaks.
  • Connections in the central region allow you to export local products under a well-known brand, it's much more expensive than that crap that gets imported to Ravenheart.
  • Friendly Soilers and peasants from the village will help you fill up those containers of yours.


  • Read your terminal to calculate the most profitable investment.
  • Ask the Soilers to grow the correct products, wait for the batch, since you need at least 8 units of goods.
  • Scan the sample in the terminal receiver.
  • Create a Template by selecting the package design and the trade name of the product.
  • Indicate the benefactors, besides yourself, you can enter your assistant's names. The remaining amount will be withheld by the Merchant.
  • Place the сontainer full of empty cans at the beginning of the assembly line.
  • Load the products into the large receiver at the beginning of the assembly line.
  • Place an empty container at the end of the assembly line.
  • Click on the "Make Batch" button to start the process.
  • Close the container's lid with (RMB).
  • Ask the dockers to deliver the batch to the merchant, or try the risk of delivering it yourself.
  • Enjoy the riches! Prices of your product will rise with each sell until they reach a maximum.

Something went wrong!

  • The sale will not take place if there are cans with different products in the container or it is incomplete. Beware of thieves.
  • The sale does not take place if the cans contain wrong or spoiled products.
  • Each failed delivery will reduce the future price of the product and lower your reputation.

Inner market

  • Food quickly spoils. Sell some of the canned products to the Baron if he is getting ready for an expedition.
  • The Innkeeper will be happy to lure their customers with a local product that has a showy name.

Service Elevator

  • Your elevator leads straight to the Village. It's designed for quickly transporting the goods from there to your factory.
  • If you're using it to transport illegal outsiders into the fortress - don't forget to take payment from them.


Geschef is the only fate that can easily gain CHR during his work. For doing so, he has to demonstrate his status, wearing this at the end of the round:

  • Crimson Silk Jacket. Purchasable from the Merchant.
  • Wonderful Hat. Purchasable from the Merchant.
  • Golden Chain. Blacksmiths can make it..

Each one of them will give you +1 CHR.