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Jester - a living entertainment center of Ravenheart.

You will entertain people, regardless of your desire. Usually, bad jesters who can't joke or tell stories, get into games with nobles such as "Kick'a'jester" "Will a jester dodge a flying knife" or "How many firethrower blasts will a jester endure". The dead know one thing straight: You better be funny.

Jester getting jested


  • Mimic voice - talented voice imitation of your chosen character. It is recommended to use it from a shelter to add logs to the fire. This ability will not deceive the means of communication and attentive players.
  • Give a Nickname - gives a custom nickname to a chosen character. It shows up when said character is examined.
  • Remember a joke - executing your sense of humor, you are preparing a joke, continuing the story for a given pattern (for example: "The baron returns from the campaign ...")
  • Tell a Joke! -tell a prepared joke and hope for a spectacular result.


  • Fake weapon - occasionally fires for real.
  • Fake grenade - looks like a real one, but it's harmless most of the times.
  • Poison Snooper - use it on food and drinks.
  • Closet with masks - your means of retreat.
  • Animal masks - wear them and depict the corresponding beast from fairy tales to the best of your knowledge about these disappeared species.

Funeral Practice

At the solemn farewell, the Jester imitates the voice of the deceased (preferably - puts on their clothes) and communicates with their relatives. The common themes for such dialogues: love for them, forgiveness, rest.