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Greetings, newcomer

Welcome to Paradise! (author: Enclave)

I have never played Space Station 13!

If, for an ordinary SS13 player, the mechanics of LFWB seems to be overwhelming and confusing, then for a complete beginner... well, it will be better to go through the "training" in space.

Recommended servers (English): Goonstation Baystation12

Recommended servers (Russian): Animus Station



Friday 20:00 - Sunday 3:00 (GMT+3, Moscow time).

New Accounts

The primary mean against ban evading here is the blocking of BYOND accounts registered after November 2015.

If you joined BYOND not so long ago, there are some options to join for you:

  • Play on S1, where this system is disabled. This was a terrible idea because this started to happen the next day PB was lifted from s1.
  • If you have friends in the community, who aren't new themselves, they can vouch for your access. They will also be looked at if you mess up.
  • Donate to gain access. You can find the details on the Discord.

You've entered


Main page: Interface

What about the rules...

After playing Space Station 13, you are probably familiar with what seems to be a bad thing to do in such games. And, most likely, you read a ton of rules, trying to hide under the ruthless gaze of the admins.

You can relax now: immerse yourself in the narrative without looking back to the wardens. More here.


Recommended for the new players: Squire, Heir/Successor, Nun, Meister's Disciple and Apprentice Not Recommended: Migrant (Hard), Bum (Very hard)

First few rounds, the events will fly over your head. We do hope that the question "What's happening?" - is your favorite one: ask it around, and you will gradually understand everything.

Cemetery of Unclear Moments

... That do not fit into the scope of guides.

Due to the specifics of the misanthropic design of the game, there are quite a few of them.

▪ Things from the backpack can not be reached while it is hanging on the back. Put it in your hand first.

▪ The door lock is toggled with the RMB (if you have enough access).

▪ To eat and drink, you need to choose mouth on Doll.

▪ To drink tap water, you need to bite the tap.

▪ The sword in the stabbing mode can be GRAB grabbed with the other hand by the blade to apply accurate strikes to the articulations in the armor.

▪ If you fall asleep in the bed and close the game, your body will be given to one of the Wraiths.

▪ Migrants must choose a class before they can get up.

▪ You better not breathe in the purple clouds. The stench can be so unbearable that you may not be able to hold the contents of your stomach. And it is not even the worst that can happen!

▪ The burial in the coffin (or sarcophagus) is possible without the actual burial - if you want to make a crypt or take the deceased down the river. To do this, you need to pray near the coffin with the dead.

▪ Thanati can not be "baptized again": they were already post-Christians, but they rejected their faith. On the other heretics, baptism works.

▪ Hidden emotes: *burp *krak *whistle *finger