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Combat Mode

Where to aim

  • Hard to hit: Head, Eyes, Neck
  • Easier to hit: Hands, Feet, Groin, Face
  • Easy to hit: Body
  • Attack unprotected enemy body parts.
  • Any wound lowers the Dexterity of the injured for a few seconds. It makes sense to anticipate a lethal blow with a simple one.
  • It is not difficult to finish off a fallen opponent.
  • A kick in the groin is a male weakness.


As easy as that.
  • Blunt (clubs, staves, fists) - the most versatile weapon, but the runaway enemy is unlikely to die without help.
  • Stabbing (spears, rapiers, daggers) - useless against zombies and skeletons.
  • Penetrating (picks) - easily gets stuck when it is not asked for.
  • Cutting (swords, knives) - even light armor can reduce its effectiveness.
  • Slashing (axes) - gets rid of shields pretty well.


  • Doesn't matter how good of a fighter you are, a good hit over the head will bring big changes into your brain. Wear a helmet.

Energy Shields

Energy shields brought the cold steel back to the north, although they're pretty rare and expensive.

Energy Shields:

  • Reflect bullets, arrows and energy blasts.
  • Lower melee weapons' damage.
  • Won't save you from syringe-guns.
  • Can be in forms of ones that go on your belt, and ones that go on your shoulder.
  • Get disabled on contact with liquids.
  • Can be used as weapons. Get close to the enemy and turn on two shields.


  • Give big advantage in melee combat.
  • Smack your shield with your weapon to scare your enemies.
  • Shield wall! Standing nearby your friend, who also carries a shield, you get even less vulnerable.

Unarmed combat

  • Having the opponent knocked down, stand on him and use TAKEDOWN to press him to the ground. Useful for civilian arrest - capture the criminal and call the guards.


  • Use HARM+RMB to aim at someone. The weapon will be automatically pointed at the selected target, increasing the chance to hit them.
  • It is best to hold the rifles and shotguns with both hands before shooting.
  • Generally, the weapons are stored unloaded. Do not forget to insert the clip.
  • Many types of firearms have a safety catch: take the weapon into an active hand and click on it when you are ready to shoot.
  • In case there is a jam, use RMB on the weapon to unjam it. Energy weapons can be repaired only by characters with knowledge of ancient technologies (for example, Meister or Hump).
  • Wooden wall is the only type of walls that you can shoot through with a firearm.


  • Full Metal Jacket : high penetration.
  • Hollow Point : High damage to an unarmored target, the bullet splits up once it's inside the body. Low chance of throguh-and-through wound.
  • Armor Piercing: Does additional damage to armor because of the steel core.
  • Tracer : оставляют видимый яркий след. Использование в автоматическом оружии вместе с обычными боеприпасами позволяет персонажу скорректировать огонь, повышая точность стрельбы. Leaves a distinct bright tracer. Using them in an automatic weapon alongside other ammo helps correct your firing, increasing accuracy.
  • Silver : are used by superstitious inquisitors

Weapon Ammo
ML-23 .380
Harat-83 .380
Karek R90 .380
Karek R89 9mm
Arbo 9 9mm
Screamer 17S .45
Screamer 23 .45
Talon M12A3 .45
W93 Mother .357
Neoclassic R&W10 .357
Neoclassic Duelista .357
Neoclassic Richter .410, .45 Long
Shotgun 12 Gauge
Kramm M2 7.62
Lakko H77 7.62
Princess 7.62
Boyarin 7.62
Grinder 7.62

Taking somebody alive

  • Don't use stabbing or cutting weapons. Combine grabs, clubs and throwing nets.
  • Use DISARM to disarm the opponent.

Group Fight

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