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Full descriptions of the beliefs are accessible in-game. Use F12 to learn more about them.


Grey Postchristian Church was one of the countless cults on evergreen - a drop in the quaint sea. The dogma of the GPC says that God is weak, unconscious and drowns more and more into the suffering.

Merging your soul with the Lord after death is tantamount to falling into Hell, therefore a person should live a righteous life with pious thoughts about God - so he has a chance to separate himself from Him. Inheriting the distorted and disfigured features of the Christian faiths of the past, these fanatics, whose faith is closely intertwined with the cult of the personality of the once-permanent leader of Evergreen, are far from tolerant.


See Bishop.


Visit the Church and whip yourself on the back to gain the protection of God. Whoever kills you will regret it.

Old Ways

"Build your wings on the way down."

The Keys

  • Death doesn't stop our existence. When a truly living being reaches death, its soul goes to the Shadow which is casted by reality.
  • In the Shadow - "world of spirits", divided from the world of living by the Shroud, souls have limited abilities, and their stay is short.
  • A strong soul could be reborn in a new material form, but a weak one will surrender. It will descend into a pseudo-reality, thus losing all possibility of return to the real world.
  • These pseudo-realities, called Reflections, are creations of souls. Reflections are based on their memories, beliefs and scrappy knowledge of the world they lived in before.
  • Every Reflection casts a Shadow like the Original World does, and it is always possible to descend to a deeper Reflection.
  • By filling a Reflection with their impressions and thoughts - which are mostly devoted to the death and suffering before it, souls unwittingly make it a dangerous and depressive place. Their hidden fears and superstitions, even the most absurd, become real.
  • Memories of the real world are becoming more and more dull with each Descent. Second Reflection is more simplified, scary and unsafe than the First, and so on.
  • As for us, we've been dead for long, and we are in the fourth of seven Reflections. We already failed to achieve rebirth through suffering to hold our ground in the Reality and the previous Reflections.
  • We must stay in the Fourth Reflections at least: it is a Heaven compared to the next Reflections. There is nothing but emptiness and pure suffering in the Seventh Reflection.


  • To praise all Gods, except Xom and Veles, a cult of at least three people is required.
  • Check the in-game Help section to get an accurate description of the rites.


Conversion is performed through death: sacrifice a person according to the rite, and then revive them to take them into your faith.


"Transmutation through Death"

Thanati reject this world as inherently damned and imperfect, laid down by the incomplete Creator. They believe that the next Creator - their overlord Tzchernobog - is already gaining strength, and to carry on to the new Creation it is enough to end the existing one. The door to this Universe will close with the death of the last person witnessing it - and the cult of Thanati intends to contribute to this out of good intentions.

The Gathering

All cultists should, as soon as possible, without getting caught up in the Inquisition's eyes, gather at a discreet place.

  • Draw a Sigil.
  • Praise the Lord.
  • The Cult will tell you its will.
  • If someone is not present, you will find out about it. Punish them.

Ritual Magic

Main article: Ritual Magic of Thanati


Click MMB on any infoterminal to gain access to the illegal network. Its services are not free: you will need funds on your account.

Service Effect
Anonymous Contract Sends a contract to the Mercenaries Guild for the head of the chosen target.
C4 Explosive Explosive device that is useful for sabotages. The purchase tells you the stash location: click LMB on any statue or mushroom.
Disable Surveillance Disables cameras, alarm buttons and tracking by Meister for five minutes. Inexpensive way to get rid of the risks.
Disable Bracelet Enter the full name of the victim and their bracelet will fail: it will not be possible to use it until Meister repairs it. Utilize before your assassination attempts.
Listen to Channel Options: Church, Sanctuary, Servants, Guards.


  • Find a volunteering person and tell them your Circle word.
  • Draw a new Sigil.
  • Let them activate the Sigil using the given word.

Allah's Prisoners


The Soulbreaker should deprive the victim of his sack.